Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Like sheriff, can the rest of us pick laws we obey?

I find it disgusting that Sheriff Dean Wilson is willing to push aside any attempt to make our communities even a tiny fraction safer by disregarding any forthcoming gun control legislation from the state.

We can't just proclaim "2nd Amendment," lower the flag to half mast every other week and carry on, business as usual.

And if, indeed, Sheriff Wilson chooses which laws he's going to enforce, can the rest of us choose which laws we're going to obey?

Diane Blackberry, Crescent City

Gun opponents don't care about anyone but selves

Our sheriff is only trying to look out for everyone and protect all our rights as a whole. I wonder how many of you who are against what Sheriff Dean Wilson is doing are anti-ownership of firearms of any type?

Why should any of us suffer for the wrongdoing of others? I'll bet no one has considered that golf clubs, baseball bats, kitchen knives and other items have been used to murder, to name a few. Let's ban or put restrictions on them and start with single-swing golf clubs first.

Oh, you don't like that because you have used them for golf? Well, how do you think those of us feel who have used our firearms for hunting or target shooting and never have harmed anyone with them? From the letters to the editor, you don't care how anyone feels but yourself. How quick you are to turn on others when things don't go your way.

What our government is trying to do to the Second Amendment is illegal and our sheriff does not stand alone in his decision, as many other sheriffs and police chiefs feel the same as ours.

Sheriff Wilson, you are supported by many more than you realize. Job very well done. My best wishes are with you.

Fred Cox, Crescent City

Terrorist Tsarnaev deserves death penalty

Regarding Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, it is my understanding that serious prescribers of Islamic law believe that punishment should fit the crime. So, for this completely screwed-up, ruthless, thoughtless young man involved in the Boston bombing horror, how about his life for the four innocent people killed?

The United States opened its arms and a world of possibilities to Tsarnaev and his brother. Their response was to spit on Lady Liberty. I think execution is in order.

If Massachusetts has no death penalty, why don't we deport him back to whatever miserable corner of the world he was lucky enough to be rescued from?

I've been a liberal pacifist all my adult life, but this terrible crime has pushed my tolerance past bearing. Execution would be justice.

Heidi Bauman, Crescent City

How could seized marijuana be lost?

So, where is the "more than a pound of marijuana bagged among several packages?" ("Most charges are dropped in case," April 30).

When I was a patrol deputy sheriff, we had to have a chain of custody for all seized evidence, listing who accessed the items in question and when they were viewed.

Theresa Zwan, Crescent City