Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Looking back on time of crash and recovery

Aloha, our dear friends in Crescent City.

It has been almost a full year since a terrible car wreck in Houichi on May 20, 2012, aborted our six-month "Grandmothers Whisper" book tour, and nearly ended our lives.

A Triplicate reporter found us in the Sutter Coast Hospital, where my injuries were considerable after having been wedged between an intoxicated driver and a giant redwood.

She wrote: "Miller said she's 'truly blessed to be breathing,' but also to be in such a 'compassionate community.'

"Her husband said there's been an outpouring of generosity from Del Norters: they have been offered homes to stay in and a car to drive (theirs was totaled)."

We had travelled widely - 95,000 car miles in five years of speaking about the Native Hawaiian culture and sharing our book "Grandmothers Whisper." We have found graciousness and generosity in many towns and cities. But the compassion we experienced in Crescent City, at a time when we were struggling, is unmatched.

We have neither forgotten the kindness, nor have we ever taken it for granted.

I left your city with six broken ribs, a crushed lung, and a major head trauma resulting in total amnesia for a week, and short-term memory loss for many months. It has taken me these 11 months to fully recover mind, body and energy. I am grateful for the healing.

My husband, Iokepa Hanalei Imaikalani, and I are beyond grateful for your community that behaved like the rare genuine community - and embracing us unconditionally.

My hospital room and my hotel room were filled with flowers and cookies and baked treats every day of my stay. This from people I've never met. Every time my husband entered a grocery store, he was surrounded by affection and empathy. We never felt alone, so far from home.

Forgive us for not listing names. To the doctors, nurses, and staff at Sutter Coast (all faces deeply embedded); to the hotel employees all; to the citizens all of your dear town - thank you from our hearts.

We carry all of you with us still, and look forward to a planned visit the next time.

Inette Miller,

Lihue, Hawaii

Why are we getting another parts store?

Could someone explainwhywe are getting another auto parts store ("New auto parts store under construction," March 30)?

Really? Why not a Sizzler's, Wendy's or Sonic? Why not an Oil Can Henry's? Just wondering.

Lynda Holm-Chase,

Crescent City