Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Kids homeschooling after racial bullying

I am a grandmother and grew up in the Arcata area. In the '50s and '60s it was not uncommon to hear of racial bullying.

I for one stuck up for the person being bullied. I thought as a country we had evolved to a better place dealing with racial issues. I taught my kids not to see color, just the person.

Now when I was told my grandkids were being racially bullied, I must admit I saw red. My grandkids are what I with lovingly call "Oreos," they are black and white and sweet as can be!

My grandkids will be finishing out the school year being home-schooled because the kids calling them the "N" word and other nasty ignorant names people call black people are not being stopped. I have a gut feeling that this nasty little problem may have happened to other families in Del Norte.

If you are having these kind of problems call Superintendent Don Olson at the school district office.

Is our decline in school enrollment due to bullying problems at the schools? As a community we need to work to make our kids feel safe at school. No child should have to endure emotional or physical bullying. Remember these kids are our future.

Shirley Dollahite,Crescent City

Being policeman of world a corporate scam

It's a crying shame this country has spiraled down to the level it is currently at. It started with the original illegal invasion of Iraq.

Then years later, our leaders saw a great opportunity when we were attacked from the air by Egyptians answering to a Muslim in Afghanistan. Gorge W. was just a kid following Dad, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld's orders.

Here are some of the numbers: $1 trillion spent through 2011, then $9 billion cash and $547,000 in spare parts lost or unaccounted for, including 190,000 guns including 110,000 AK-47 rifles. Then $547.7 million in spare parts shipped and lost, $6 billion lost and reported stolen earmarked for reconstruction in Iraq, $1 billion in tractor-trailer rigs and tank recovery vehicles lost. Halliburton overcharged $1.4 billion, as reported by the Pentagon. KBR (former Halliburton division) paid $20 billion for food and housing. Annual air conditioning cost in Afghanistan $20.2billion.It cost $390,000 to deploy a soldier in Iraq for one year, that's because the corporations are running the support services, not the U.S. forces. The cost of this war is at $45,000 for every family in the USA.

The list goes on and on, and these are numbers from Congress and the Pentagon. I read the story of the folks so desperate to find housing, they robbed a bank. States and counties across this great country are going broke, having to lay off hard-working family men and women.

When will we, as a nation realize that being the police of the world is a scam for corporate rape of this great land's resources? I love this country, but something has to change, or we will all be in the poor house eating bread and lard.

Gerry Jones,Smith River

Noisy vehicles call for noise abatement policy

This is in response to Bill Cook's April 30 letter, "Vehicles producing noise pollution."

Bill, it's all over the place, radios blaring and the vibration rattling your windows; dirt bikes, two-stroke, going around and around their houses; loud parties after 10 p.m.; and chain saws being used after dark.

What we need is for the county supervisors to give us a noise abatement law with teeth, maybe something like Crescent City has or close to it.

Hoping the supervisors see this and act.

Juan Cornejo,Crescent City

Steering Babe's classification to 'bull'

We enjoyed the May 7 Around Del Norte Column about Trees of Mystery.

We have one small correction: Debbie Thompson speaks of oxen being castrated animals, and then calls Babe a steer ("that's why he's so well endowed").

Webster's New World Dictionary defines the word "steer" as "a full grown, castrated male of cattle."

We think Babe should be called a bull in this instance.

Rosemary Reeves Mashore, Klamath

Disgusted by changes in District Atty. Office

After reading about the changes in the Del Norte County District Attorney's Office ("Moving past the drama," May 2), I was pretty disgusted by Assistant District Attorney Annamarie Padilla's take on dealing with sexual assault, domestic violence and marijuana-related cases by "reinstituting" asset forfeiture program.

So let's see, the definition of asset forfeiture program is basically the DA's Office can take away your property that was utilized in the commission of a crime and you have no right to an attorney unless you can afford one. Quite frankly, I don't know how that is going to protect victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.

It appears the current DA's Office is inundated with attorneys who have no foresight on how to handle cases that permeate the office on a daily basis. If Katherine Micks wanted to be a district attorney she would have run for that elected position. Giving that position to her by appointing her on an interim basis is a great injustice to the people of California and Del Norte County.

Certainly she has some experience. I personally believe she is in over her head.

On any given day, and of course depending on who the defense attorney is, victims are left without any protection from the justice system due to the inexperience, and political influence of suspended DA Jon Alexander.

I believe the Del Norte County District Attorney's Office is in trouble and if these people are appointed as the district attorney we will all suffer more of the same.

Linda Sutter,Crescent City

'Friends' not helping progress in community

I am amazed that the Friends of Del Norte could only point out one thing to try to prevent the much-needed work on Routes 197 and 199 ("Opponents of highway project are not giving up," May 4).

They claim that on some curves, trucks only have a foot of buffer space above the minimum required. If Caltrans has determined the minimum buffer space required, and the design meets or exceeds the minimum, what is the problem?

Their conclusion that there will be more accidents because some of the curves are not being fixed is blaming the road when the driver is at fault.

The time spent to hold numerous open houses to spout their anti-growth agenda and trying to find something pertinent would have been better spent hiking the canyon, turning over rocks looking for some "endangered" critter to protect. That worked on the proposed casino golf course and airport expansion by causing untold delays, continual redesign and greatly increased costs.

Why don't the Friends do something useful to help the environment rather than trying to stop progress in our community? The money spent on fighting growth would buy a lot of Roundup to kill Scotch broom.

Friends indeed.

Jim Wisbauer,Crescent City