Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Boston bombing shows need for tighter border

The Brothers Tsarnaev have just delivered a pressure cooked meal of steel to the streets of Boston America as groggy citizens try to blink away incredulity from awe-struck eyes.

Images of corpses and shredded flesh imbed on the national psyche as medical teams cart the human carnage away to be swathed in yards of comfort cotton. The rigors of sweating flesh pounding miles of pavement ended with the flash of searing heat, and the marathon would never be the same.

Nor would America. Nor should America. It is so past time to review our immigration policy. What does it benefit America to keep up the literal river of humanity pouring into our increasingly impoverished nation? And what are our political leaders thinking by allowing immigrants of nations that continue to pronounce America as their mortal enemy?

Chechnya is a known cauldron of terrorist activism directed more toward Russia than the U.S., but Islam is the driver and the West is radical Islam's mortal enemy.

Let us not forget that 16 Chechan terrorists were apprehended after crossing our red carpet southern border in 2008 and they weren't heading here for a picnic.

The immediate question is how many other terrorists have crossed that notoriously porous border?

Not only are terrorists crossing into the U.S., but terrorist organizations have reportedly collaborated and colluded with the Mexican butchers whose penchant for violent terror makes them akin to the terrorists themselves.

It is here where America's "war on terror" belongs, not giving protection to poppy growing Afghans (see "Following the Afghan Drug Trail" by Geo. Whitman, Times-Standard, April 25, 2013).

Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., also addressed the situation of terrorist/cartel involvementon Aaron Klein's Investigative Radio 77 WABC. Documents from the Department of Homeland Security also show 180,000 illegal aliens from countries other than Mexico were apprehended between 2007 and 2010, and the State Department Country Reports said that smuggling rings have been detected moving people from East Africa, the Middle East and Southwest Asia up through Central America, Mexico and then into the United States.

Congressman Connie Mack, who chairs the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee, states that our government doesn't know whether it has terrorist roots or not.

He concludes saying "that should make us all very fearful." It should also make us demand a moratorium on legal immigration and an all-out effort to stanch the flow of a staunch foe. Stop them at the border!

Dale L. Bohling, Crescent City

Waste Authority works well; why dismantle it?

The Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority was initially formed by the city/county to deal with the huge fines and disastrous state of the old landfill when it was run by the county, and to find an alternative for disposal.

With all that accomplished, the authority continued to negotiate the best contracts for trash pickup and hauling and set out to exceed the waste reduction goals set by the state of California.

Its efforts have been so successful that it is effectively working to reduce its own income, which comes from fees paid to the transfer station (owned by the city/county) for our waste disposal (none comes from taxpayers).

Also by its own initiative, the authority operates the hazardous waste roundup for both residents and businesses, the spring cleanup yard waste service, battery, mattress and other recycling programs, and sponsors a number of educational and community events directed toward making our county a cleaner, more cooperative and enjoyable place to live.

So tell us, what exactly are you going to "fix" in your efforts to dismantle one of the most successful, cost-effective and beneficial programs you have ever created? Whose money are you going to save? What is your plan that demonstrates any savings? And who will keep the county in compliance with the landfill and solid waste laws if the service is privatized?

Please give the citizens of this county a break. Quit wasting your time and our time on this complete non-issue and do something productive, not destructive.

Craig Strong, Crescent City