Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Dissolving Waste Authority expensive

Something stinks in our county and it's not coming from garbage. The push to dissolve and privatize the public agency that manages our trash by some supervisors makes no sense and is a really bad and ultimately expensive idea.

Our nearest neighbor, Curry County, privatized all of its solid waste handling, which has resulted in a steady increase in fees to their customers. This has been consistent with other communities in the nation that have done the same.

Is it any wonder that Curry residents travel to Del Norte's transfer station to dump their trash? It's certainly not to benefit from California's high gas prices!

What's really behind this obsession to get rid of the Solid Waste Management Authority? After a one-year study by a public committee and then another year with 10 city and county officials forming a new board revisiting the issue, the authority received a satisfactory if not exemplary report card for its services andhellip; and no recommendation for dissolution or privatization.

Why in the world would we change a vital community service that's being run so well? Something's definitely rotten in Del Norte.

Susan Calla, Crescent City

Could the people learn from Brown?

We the people save money to have for future needs.

The state and government collect taxes to pay for what they want and need.

When times are bad the state and government have a hard time keeping their obligations.

Now our governor, Jerry Brown, has found a way to acquire money from new revenues for California's most important and vital needs.

With no insult intended, do you think the people running our government could learn a few things from our governor?

John F. Furgo Jr., Crescent City