Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Resounding opposition to highway improvements

Recent articles concerning the Caltrans 199/197 road project could have some people believing that only environmental groups are opposed to the introduction of the huge STAA trucks on our Wild and Scenic route.

However, a review of the draft EIR and final EIR shows a resounding opposition to the project. (See Caltrans website

ects/1.) In the final EIR, Caltrans states it received 398 public comments. I could only find three letters or comments that were in favor of the project published in Volume 3 of the final EIR.

Also published in Volume 3 of the final EIR, is a report by Smith Engineering and Management (starting on page 4-2-16, volume 3 of the final EIR) which explains in detail the dangers STAA trucks would pose.

Do the research on this project and if you feel it's unwise to proceed, contact your local supervisor, the local transportation board, and the Governor's Office urging them to withdraw support for this project.

Donald Bruce, Gasquet

Leaders should support highway improvements

I didn't think The Friends of Del Norte would give up as easily as it appeared last week. Filing nuisance suits is its forte, if only to cause delays. This one appears to be just that ("Suit filed over 199/197 plan," May 16).

What form of twisted logic can the Friends claim that by improving the road that there will be more accidents and spills? Have any of them ever driven that route? The same goes for one longer truck replacing two shorter ones.

Friends of Del Norte members pretty much shot down their claim of more traffic, in their own statements that only the bulb growers and Hambro see a need for local larger trucks. The needs of the lily growers are only a couple of months a year, at the time tourists are home, reducing traffic. Hambro would like larger trucks so it can reduce the number of trips over Highway 199.

If they have spent five years pointing out supposed water problems by fixing the road, there must have been insufficient reason for anyone at all to be concerned.

Their statements that only Eureka would benefit from the improvements on Routes 101 and 299 and result in more traffic here is ridiculous. Do they think that northbound traffic to Eureka would use Highway 199 to turn around? If there is northbound traffic to I-5 from Eureka, any logical person would use Highway 299, not highways 101 and 199.

It might be a surprise to Mr. Gillespie and Mr. Hughes, but the people voted for supervisors and representatives to look after their interests. Even your friend, Martha McClure, on the Board of Supervisors, is for the much-needed improvements to Highway 199.

I do not need, nor want, a self-appointed special interest group interfering with Caltrans to satisfy its schemes.

Jim Wisbauer, Crescent City