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Gitlin says McClure is blocking vet monument

After reading the May 18 Coastal Voices opinion article by county Supervisor Roger Gitlin, "Supreme Court must rein in Coastal Commission," I am reminded of my personal loss. This weekend is Memorial Day and I hark back to the day my parents shared the terrible World War II telegram that my older brother was missing in action (and later pronounced dead).

My other older brother was also killed in action. I was 11 years old. I am sure you can all relate to human loss and the devastation it leaves.

Today, according to Gitlin, the California Coastal Commission and county Supervisor Martha McClure, who serves as a commissioner, can throw a monkey wrench into the process which would approve the permit to allow the construction of Point of Honor at the S curve because of "the effects of on-site illumination and how lighting would affect our local bird life."

Allow me to say, I am not a veteran because I am the sole surviving son of my family. I was exempted from the draft. I am not a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, but my heart is with it in its struggle to have the permit granted.

It saddens me to believe that Supervisor/Commissioner McClure places the importance of birds over humans. It makes me wonder why it has taken so long to expand our airport and how much we have to give up to bring our community into modern times. Could Martha McClure be the reason we have not expanded our airport and we do not have a Point of Honor Memorial erected?

Leroy Bieber, Crescent City

If Sutter Health can't make profit, then leave

What are they thinking?That's what most of the community is wondering about the local residents on the Sutter Coast Hospital Board of Directors, who are supporting Sutter Health's effort to regionalize and possibly downsize the hospital.

Dr. Bob Sankus (retired physician) and I (ESL teacher at College of the Redwoods) decided, with Dr. Gregory Duncan's encouragement, to talk to some of those Board members and find out. And their position is, Sutter Health owns the hospital (not! ). And Sutter deserves to make a profit.

Dr. Duncan responded, "If Sutter Health already owned Sutter Coast, why would they be attempting to change ownership?"

Sutter Health's maneuvers to bring about a "fundamental transformation" of our hospital bylaws, etc., all of which has been thoroughly explained by Dr. Duncan in public meetings and in the Triplicate, are exposing them to lawsuits and public censure here and elsewhere.

My question is, if Sutter Health can't make a profit here, why doesn't it negotiate with Asante and cut its losses? We like our hospital the way it is. In fact, we want to expand it.

Also, Dr. Duncan says Asante is interested in the same future for our hospital.

Joan Miles, Crescent City