Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Old-growth trees won't be cut down

Regarding your May 16 story, "Suit filed over 199/197 plan," about the lawsuit filed by environmental groups over Caltrans' widening and straightening project for routes 199 and 197, some clarification is needed.

To quote your story, "Although no old-growth redwoods would be cut down, like in the controversial Richardson Grove project ..."

That seems to suggest that old-growth redwoods will be cut down in the Richardson Grove realignment. This is simply not true.

No trees over 2 feet in diameter will be removed in the project. The large diameter trees that most of us know as old-growth will remain.

Fred Mangels, Eureka

Editor's note: A correction to that effect appears elsewhere in this edition.

Hospital officials should face public

Been thinking, could it be time for another town hall meeting at the Crescent Elk Auditorium with local doctors, the Sutter Coast Hospital interim CEO and the board chairman?

Last year we had a town hall and the hospital CEO and board chairman attended, handed out talking points in favor of "regionalization" and answered questions. The meeting was too short and sadly, the only time any representatives from SCH attended any event to discuss/explain the decision to regionalize to our community.

The more I think about it, Mike Cohill, another member of the SCH Board, would be the best/perfect person to attend the meeting because he is also the president of the West Bay Region of Sutter Health in San Francisco. He's president of the "region" the Sutter Coast Board voted to join going forward!

His input would be "from the horse's mouth," so to speak! In addition to myself, there are many, many, many community members who have hoped for over a year to hear from the "powers that be" at SCH and/or Sutter Health.

Perhaps Mr. Cohill would agree to attend a town hall next time he's up for a hospital board meeting? He'd be the Board member with the "real" answers!

Roxie Hazard, Smith River

Do more to protect store from bums

It seems like every time I listen to my scanner about mid-morning, I hear reports of bums drinking and littering behind True Value.

Mike and Tammy, the owners, and their employees are great people. I feel the police are disrespecting Mike and Tammy by just warning these bums and not really doing anything about the situation.

A warning is nothing. They need to stay away permanently.

Tony Jacomella, Crescent City