Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Scandals show Obama is incompetent or dishonest

It must be clear by now, even to low-information voters, that the three Obama scandals have created a dilemma for anyone paying attention.

Namely, that since the president claims no knowledge of any of these events, it's clear that he's either: A) incredibly incompetent, or B) a liar.

Carter Swart, Crescent City

I and 12 others are too brilliant to believe claims

Get a load of these right-wing nuts who are always criticizing our beloved president.

They make insane claims about Obama invading foreign countries without congressional approval and they say the IRS is going around harassing the Tea Party movement.

Isn't that just crazy?

Right-wing nuts say that the Obama Justice Department has been spying on the phone records of the Associated Press.

What a bunch of paranoid wingnuts!

I know these are all lies, because I get all my information from Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews.

I, and the 12 other people who watch MSNBC, are way too brilliant to believe any of this stuff!

Joe Thomas, Brookings

Sad that Sutter Health is selling us out for a buck

Regarding the proposed regionalization of Sutter Coast Hospital, in these times that we live it's not surprising to hear of " the dog eat dog " attitude that exists in the world.

But it is very sad when this attitude effects the health or wellness of a low-income area. I have worked hard my entire life as a single mom and then until retirement and now live on Social Security. We are forced to leave the future of our health in the hands of politicians and large organizations.

How sad and disappointing it is to hear that Sutter Coast Hospital is selling out at our expense for greed - the Almighty Buck!

Linda Wallace, Crescent City

Sutter's claim of losses calls for transparency

Regarding Sutter Coast's claim to be losing money, "CEO: "Hospital is losing money," May 30, having read Steven Brill's article in Time Magazine I am somewhat familiar with the "Chargemaster," which leads me to wonder what criteria was used to be able to claim operating losses.

I suspect with the enormous differences in billed versus actual costs one can make numbers to support any kind of claim.

Only total transparency can remove such doubts.

Norbert Beising, Hiouchi