Would you, in your wildest dreams, connect West Point and the children's song "Jesus Loves Me"?

I never know what I'm going to find when I pick up Robert J. Morgan's book, "Then Sings My Soul," to research hymns.

And would you think that a couple of female, non-military Bible teachers would be buried with military honors in the West Point Cemetery?

So many of our beautiful hymns have come about out of tragedy and adversity, and this is another one.

Sisters Anna and Susan Werner, daughters of a successful New York City lawyer in the 1830s, had their accustomed lifestyle turned upside down, forcing them to find ways to supplement the family income, thanks to the "Panic of 1837."

They did so by writing and publishing poems and stories, and teaching Bible classes to the cadets at West Point.

One novel they wrote, "Say and Seal," was about a very sick little boy. A point of comfort for him was a song called "Jesus Loves Me." The novel was very successful, (second only to "Uncle Tom's Cabin") and caught the attention of hymn-writer William Bradbury.

Bradbury set her words to the simple tune we almost all learned as children. It's the song sung by Oklahoma schoolchildren last week when tornadoes swirled around their school.

The sisters taught at West Point for 40 years, and are the only civilians buried at West Point.

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