Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Why hasn't Point of Honor been built yet?

Why hasn't the Veterans Point of Honor been constructed yet?

I got out of the Army four years ago and I remember hearing talk about a Point of Honor being constructed. It's been four years, what's the hold up people?

I think the sign that stands on the S curve letting people know that there will be a Point of Honor here is starting to fall apart. So what is this, a plan put on the back burner?

I mean, financially, we must be pretty good seeing as how we are getting lighted crosswalks installed around town. Not that they're a waste of money, but how does this town do business? What are the priorities? Keeping up with the let-me-hold-your-hand agenda or putting a shovel in the ground to start a project that got initiated four years ago.

Wow, talk about pulling a Caltrans.

Joseph Burrell, Crescent City

Kind words don't make up for threat to hospital

The latest Sutter Coast proposal makes me think I'm watching a stereotype of "bad cop (abrasive) followed by good cop (soft-spoken)." Former CEO Eugene Suksi followed by interim CEO Linda Horn.

Of course employees are speaking well of Ms. Horn. They're quaking in their boots, fearing layoffs. Sutter has postponed regionalization because there's a court order saying it can't go ahead, yet. It's not because of the "goodness of their heart."

Who would propose reducing beds here, especially, like maternity? The last few times I've visited, there have been four women in labor. Which two stay; which two women in labor are placed in a plane? What if weather doesn't permit flying out?

It's cheaper to go to Medford for specialized help, not routine medical care.

You're only as good as your word. If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don't have integrity, nothing else matters. As Moses said, "Pharaoh, let my people go."

Calie Martin, Crescent City

Sarcasm can equally be applied to Bush

I am writing in response to the sarcasm-filled June 4 letter from Joe Thomas, "I and 12 others are too brilliant to believe claims," June 4, who evidently has his nose stuck in Fox News.

Sarcasm can also be applied to the Bush-Cheney regime. I know we all appreciate its truthfulness and transparency. Also, its willingness to become involved in a very necessary and inexpensive war (in lost lives and money).

It was also eager to advance scientific and medical research. Nobody needs stem cell research!

This regime was also concerned enough about our children and grandchildren to protect the environment at the expense of oil and coal barons.

There is much more to remember it by. But I feel this is sufficient for now. My, my, my, shame on us if we forget the past!

Don Stanfield, Crescent City

Gitlin has worked to improve J Street

I felt it necessary to dispel incorrect information about Supervisor Roger Gitlin by a June 6 letter to the editor ("Gitlin needs to make good on J Street promise," Sharon McKinney. Gitlinismaking good on his promise.

Indeed, Roger, has knocked on my door a number of times before and after he was elected. My home faces the city-owned property at Cooper and J streets, directly south of the cemetery where many drug addicts and drunks live. I related this to candidate Gitlin.

He told me J Street is under Crescent City jurisdiction and he immediately called the Crescent City code enforcement officer requesting an investigation and "clean-out" of these people who blight our neighborhoods. The city responded immediately and to my knowledge is continuing to root out those who reside there illegally. I also understand the city continues to actively patrol J Street.

I do not understand Ms. McKinney's claims. Her observations of Supervisor Gitlin's non-involvement and empty promises are baseless. As far as I'm concerned, and I think I share the view among many on J Street, Supervisor Gitlin is involved, accessible and engaged in solving many of our community problems, including the starting up of the Take a Bite Out of Blight program.

Dave Egan, Crescent City

History shows these are not 'scandals'

I would like to reply to two recent letters written to your newspaper by Carter Swart, "Scandals show Obama is incompetent or dishonest," June 4, and Joe Thomas, "I and 12 others are too brilliant to believe claims," June 4. I'd like to go over the three incidents mentioned one at a time.

First, Benghazi: Security is cut by the Republican Congress and four people needlessly die. It's not immediately referred to as a terrorist attack by the administration, so it's a cover-up. Tell me this is not being politicized by the Republican Party and I'll sell you a bridge. If the Republicans truly cared about the well-being of the people at our embassies they wouldn't have cut funding.

Regarding the IRS situation, the IRS actually applied the letter of the law to not only the Tea Party, but to other groups as well. Its status was delayed, not denied. The president didn't know about it nor should he have. This may be news to you, but the president doesn't run the IRS.

Finally, the AP wiretapping: The administration was trying to plug leaks, but it went about it in a stupid and clumsy way. Besides, we all know that the freedom of the press isn't as important as the Second Amendment, right guys?

In a 24/7 news world we are led to believe that these are truly "scandals." Step back and look at history. They're not. By the way, it's nice to see that Mr. Thomas is developing his sense of sarcasm. He's going to need it if he continues to watch Fox News.

Gerry Dooley, Crescent City