Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Alexander suggesting extreme racial profiling

Regarding Jon Alexander's June 8 Coastal Voices piece, "Why are we surrendering to Mexican meth?" it seems Alexander wants to blame the Mexicans for all the meth in this part of the country, when everyone knows that meth-cookers have been here forever and they are white good ol' boys!

Knowing that this part of California is very prejudiced on minorities, why would he want to declare war on Mexicans? Extreme racial profiling is what he is suggesting!

He off all people should know how the lynch mobs can come out! Remember what you have done to disgrace your office of public trust!

So before you start fearing "Chapo" Guzman and his men in the Sinaloa cartel, wonder what your neighbors are cooking up on their stoves!

Josie Ruiz, Crescent City

Impoverished hatchery is at risk of closing

Rowdy Creek Hatchery is proud to announce that it has partnered with the Smith River Rancheria to help establish a long-term enhancement and economic base for the hatchery programs.

The partnership will allow the hatchery access to technical and natural resource support from Rancheria staff, provide access to funding sources currently not available and create a closer relationship between the Smith River community, the rancheria and the Del Norte County economy.

This partnership, however, will take time to develop and the current hatchery financial situation is dire. The hatchery's Board of Directors is asking the community for immediate help in keeping the hatchery open.

The downturn in the economy has reduced contributions, affected the fund-raising derbies and eliminated many grant opportunities. Regulatory requirements for the hatchery (100 percent fish marking), higher power bills for pumping water (nearly $3,000 per month), and increasing prices for fish food and maintenance costs have reduced our 30-year reserve funds to zero.

The Rowdy Creek Fish Hatchery was established in 1974 as the first non-profit California salmon and steelhead hatchery. The facility has continued for 39 years to supplement the Smith River system with quality steelhead and Chinook salmon that are genetically wild-bred. These fish provide sport fishermen with an opportunity to keep a fish.

To date, the fish hatchery has received its financial support through private donations, annual fishing derbies, grants and business contributions.

Rowdy Creek is within 60 days of closing the facility. We realize the hatchery is a valuable asset to the Del Norte community and its economic well-being. Motels, restaurants, river guides and related businesses rely on income from anglers during the fishing season.

Our marked steelhead provide the only chance for anglers to take an adult fish home and our Chinook salmon are a boost to ocean fisheries.

Your support is extremely important and becomes vital at this time. For nearly 40 years Rowdy Creek Hatchery has enhanced the Smith River system and served the Del Norte community. Now you can be the difference between the hatchery continuing or closing forever.

Your tax-deductible donation to the hatchery goes directly to the task of raising marked steelhead and Chinook for anglers to enjoy.

Donations should be made to Rowdy Creek Fish Hatchery Inc. and mailed to P.O. Box 328, Smith River, CA 95567.

Jim Waldvogel, chairman, Rowdy Creek Hatchery Board of Directors

Don't judge politicians by opponent's failings

Regarding Don Stanfield's June 8 letter, "Sarcasm can be equally applied to Bush," he is correct. Sarcasm can always be used in multiple ways.

However, I believe the real issue with this type of thinking is that: "Your guy screwed up also, so it's now OK for my guy to do the same."

If people would judge all politicians based on what they are currently doing rather than compare them to predecessors' mistakes it, would make far more sense.

Bush definitely made his share of mistakes. But he's long gone. So judge Obama, good or bad, for what he is doing now.

Let's quit justifying a current problem just because it's not as bad as a past problem. Expect the best from your politicians and then judge them accordingly.

Jay Chernak, Crescent City

Highway improvements would benefit all of us

Most of us would be delighted to see highways 197 and 199 improved forallof us, not just trucks. Wider roadways with fewer sharp curves reduce accidents.

The same old "no growth" lawsuits will fail and only slightly delay improvements. If for some reason Caltrans loses, I will do my best to inform those in accidents to file suits against the local "no growth" groups for stopping or delaying safety improvements on 197 and 199.

Documenting each accident to a proposed safety improvement area will be simple and recommended as evidence in court.

Our treasured Smith River naturally survived over 100 years of road improvements and will not be harmed by fewer cars and trucks falling into its emerald green waters.

Let the progress begin!

Bob Douglas, Smith River

Criticism of highway improvements baseless

Regarding Don Gillespie's May 30 Coastal Voices piece, "Lawsuit only way to get highway concerns addressed," I must ask who appointed him to be our knight in shining armor to protect us mere mortals from the excesses of Caltrans and those evil truckers trying to save us transportation costs and traffic by using one large truck instead of two smaller ones?

Up until now, no one has listened to your concerns, so you will sue to try to get your way.

Did you ever stop to think that the only person who thought you had any credibility is your paid consultant? Of course he agreed. You got what you paid for.

I think you should re-examine some of your conclusions. You say that improving safety by widening and straightening Highway 199 will increase accidents and spills. What?

In some of your previous statements you conclude the work is not necessary because the local truckers will decrease their usage, yet in your opinion piece you state the usage will increase from the present 17 small trucks a day to 40 long ones. Which is it? And where are the extra 23 long (equivalent to 46 short) trucks going?

Project opponent Eileen Cooper, also made some erroneous conclusions in her June 1 letter, "Highway expansion will diminish safety." Caltrans stated that it only added one extra foot margin of error over the safety manual's requirement of four feet. They could not have obtained federal funds otherwise. They would have liked to add more, but deferred to your crowd and therefore are not further widening the road. Eileen, you can't have it both ways.

What does your secretive group have against our community? The Friends of Del Norte have delayed, increased the costs of and/or completely eliminated projects that would have been beneficial for the area.

To name a few: You delayed and significantly increased the cost of the airport expansion; you delayed Walmart's expansion and apartments nearby; you opposed a proposed destination resort and golf course by Elk Valley Casino.

Your only act for the environment was your suit to make Caltrans stop spraying herbicides on noxious weeds, thus greatly contributing to its rampant take-over of native plants.

"Friends" to the community and the environment?

Jim Wisbauer, Crescent City