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Brown-shirts ruling U.S. with intimidation, fear

President Obama has four major scandals on his plate. Fast and Furious killed one American, Benghazi killed four Americans, the Justice Deptartment stole two months of telephone records from the Associated Press and the IRS illegally pressures conservative groups for information to qualify for tax-exempt status.

Fast and Furious has been placed on executive privilege by "President" Obama. If he has nothing to hide or if Attorney General Holder is clean, why has this action been taken?

Why did "President" Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lie about what happened at Benghazi? They were told what was happening, yet they developed a lie to cover up the truth due to the presidential campaign. The "president" has not released a timeline of where he was all night. We do know he left for a fundraiser the next day. His silence on this subject is deafening.

The IRS scandal is the most serious as this over-reach of power will dry up whistle blower information and make reporters hesitant to follow a story as the they should. The job of a reporter is to get information, verify its voracity, and broadcast that information to the public. We have an administration trying to intimidate every conservative organization as a means to perpetuate the liberal agenda of larger government, more people on welfare, and raising taxes to further beat down the working people. As this drama unfolds it becomes more clear how self-serving, haughty, vindictive, and illegal this administration is.

The scandal of the Justice Department against Fox News reporter James Rosen indicates how far "President" Obama will go to quiet all voices that do not agree with his point of view. This move, to call Mr. Rosen an espionage agent and a flight risk without notifying him is unprecedented. Reporters are already complaining their sources in our government are not talking with them.

This "president" promised the most open and transparent administration when he took office and what he has delivered is empty words that sound good and actions that are the exact opposite. What we have now is similar to the brown-shirts of Nazi Germany: intimidation and fear beginning to rule our country.

Marlowe Thompson,Crescent City

Kids roaming streets, destroying property

This is a message to whoever took our wind sock and pole from our front yard on Sunday night.

It will probably show up in someone's yard somewhere in the county.

Parents, if you see your child with a colorful 2andfrac12;-foot fish wind sock, it is ours. If you see it, we would like to have it back and your child reprimanded for stealing.

You may drop it off at Redwood Welding at 1020 Highway 101 North or at 209 West 6th St.

There are kids roaming around the streets at night destroying property and stealing things. Do you know where your kids are at night?

Don and Sandy Nuss,Crescent City