Our community gardens require a lot of work and cooperative effort, people working together with faith in each other and in God for the rain and sunshine to make them grow.

Since the one at Peterson Park is on my regular route to church, I've been watching it take shape over the past few years.

In the past, I have been terribly disappointed in the behavior of a few who seemed to make it their mission in life to trample, smash and ruin the work of others. Over and over, I saw it had happened when I drove by, and I wondered, where was everybody? Did no one see what was happening?

Thursday evening I looked as I drove by - and that garden, thanks to diligent care, looks absolutely beautiful.

Growing things is close to the heart for me - something that enhances faith. To see things destroyed is like trampling on that faith, and my trust in my fellow man.

Could it be that the trend not to discipline our children has brought this about?

I hope that this year, as that garden grows, the folks in the area will keep an eye on it and protect it. It's a thing of beauty and will be an important source of food. And what a sense of accomplishment for those who care for it!

andbull; Another thing that makes life worthwhile for me is music. And I understand there will be some Sunday at the Lighthouse Community Church if I have it right. I had a phone call and was expecting an email with particulars, but it apparently went to "Oz" instead ofwatchnwait@char And leave it to me to lose Virgil's phone number!

Heaven's Connection - the Virgil Taylor family - has been entertaining in many of our churches for a number of years.

The family - father, mom, and son Jon - make easy-listening, western-gospel style music. They write many of their own songs, and all are talented vocally. If that's not enough, Jon has a story that highlights how good God can be to a family.

And interspersed with it all, Virgil's lively humor keeps folks laughing.

Vacation Bible School listings remain the same at this point, and they are:

andbull; July 1andndash;3, First Baptist Church, 9 a.m.; 11:30 a.m., grades 1andndash;5.

andbull; July 8andndash;11, Pelican Bay Evangelical Free Church, 9 a.m.andndash;noon, call Summer Fitch, 954-8097.

andbull; July 8andndash;12, Gasquet Bible Church, 9:30andndash;11:30 a.m., Roy and Elvia Sprague.

andbull; July 15andndash;19, Foursquare and Cornerstone combined, at Foursquare, 9 a.m.andndash;12:30 p.m. Call Juan at Foursquare.

andbull; July 22andndash;26, Smith River Baptist Church, 9 a.m.andndash;noon.

Don't forget the chance to see those old classic movies at Foursquare on Friday nights. They will be showing a bunch of those old favorites, and food will be available for sale.

To contact Martha Williams, call 460-3000, or email