Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Alexander worked hard to fight crime in Del Norte

Just when I thought the detractors that the Triplicate usually gives ink to on things regarding Jon Alexander were on vacation, I read the letter by Jessie Ruiz attacking District Attorney Jon Alexander ("Alexander suggesting extreme racial profiling," June 15).

In his June 8 Coastal Voices piece, "Why are we surrendering to Mexican meth?" the statement that 80 percent of the methamphetamine in America now comes form Mexican cartel super-laboratories is attributed to the DEA and the southern border Law Enforcement Command Center, not from Mr. Alexander.

There hasn't been a meth lab busted or prosecuted in this county in the last 10 years. The fact that Mr. Alexander would recently actually drive 2,000 miles on his own time and expense to Imperial County to follow up on the biggest threat that confronts our county is more than admirable.

To say that Mr. Alexander disgraced the DA's Office flies 180 degrees in the face of fact. In the two-plus years he has been there, criminals were actually sent to prison and cases actually were taken to trial - far more than his predecessor did in his entire last term - a fact acutely obvious and sadly missing in Alexander's absence.

They say there is no law north of the Klamath. For two years and three months, there was and its name was Jon Alexander. If there is any disgrace, it resides with the people who have abandoned their oaths and people who attack hard-working, decent people who tried to make Del Norte County a better place for all.

Austin Larsen, Crescent City

Troubling consequences if we lose Sutter Health

I moved here 10 years ago to work at Sutter Coast. I have a 30-year history of working for Sutter Health. It is an excellent organization and I am proud to work for Sutter Health.

If we do not "regionalize" we will no longer get the fiscal support that we are getting. Is the Health Care District going to offset losses? Can the residents of this town financially support an independent hospital?

There are so many employees that work here that will be forced to move to other Sutter hospitals to maintain their retirements. Like many of the employees I can retire in seven years. I will not stay in town if the hospital is not aligned with Sutter. I have too much to lose.

This town will lose a very seasoned nurse who pays taxes on two homes and shops locally. With me will not only go my local support, but all three of our 403 (b) accounts. I support churches, charities and community efforts. I want to stay in Crescent City. My family wants to stay in Crescent City. We want Sutter to stay in Crescent City.

I encourage the people of Crescent City to realize that in some incidences they do not have all of the information. I have committed my 35-year career to healing the sick. Let me stay with Sutter Health in Crescent City, the place I now call home.

Monica Anne Richardson, Fort Dick