Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Panel holding DN land hostage unacceptable

The Board of Supervisors marathon meeting Tuesday compels me to comment on two subjects.

The first is the land mitigation required by the Coastal Commission's insatiable greed. In what has become typical modus operandi for governmental agencies, overreach is being brought to bear on Del Norte County's upgrading of its airport. With the magnanimous offer of free lots at Pacific Shores by City Counsel Bob Black to be traded for the single lot contiguous with the airport (to be used for a safety buffer as required by the FAA), four of the supervisors voted to accept the offer, thus to meet the mitigation. They seem oblivious to the fact that monster government has a voracious appetite and this would feed that appetite.

The lone dissenter, Supervisor Roger Gitlin, made the stand Del Norte County must make sooner rather than later in order to survive. With Del Norte weighing in at an unbelievable 78 percent government/conservancy ownership, the Coastal Commission's holding the airport buffer lot hostage is unacceptable. Why do they conceive themselves to be in a position to trade something they do not own for four times that number (also with something they do not own)? That seems much akin to banditry. The Coastal Commission's despotic reign must be reined in. It must be required to function only as originally commissioned - allow unimpeded access to our beautiful coastline. Period.

If the supervisorial quartet of Hemmingsen, Sullivan, McClure and Finigan reflexively snapped at the offer of freebies at Pacific Shores, it had a veritable gag reflex at the news that the county likely will need to fence off the tree-lined property east of Walmart with requisite signage. Supervisor McClure, in the semblance of hissy fit, snapped that the supervisors had been misled after being told the cleanup was going to cost the county nothing.

Are we to assume that if Supervisor Gitlin had not taken up the crusade of blight removal in tandem with the code enforcement officer the Walmart nuisance would magically disappear? Increasingly, this area is becoming a law enforcement nightmare. A perfect place for a handoff into the woods of shoplifted goods to a waiting accomplice, then whisked off to a waiting auto for speedy getaway. Additionally the site is becoming a magnet for drifters.

Last but not least,Gerry Hemmingsen is to be commended for waving the huge red flag of "missing money-missing funds" spoken at 1:55:21 on the website for June 25, 2013.

Dale Bohling, Crescent City

Time to organize a bicycle-theft sting

I think it is about time that the police and sheriff departments organize a bicycle sting. There are too many bicycles that are being stolen in town.

Because of these low-life thieves, people that work hard for what they have now have to do without. And for many of these people it is their only form of transportation.

So to the low-life thieves, we've had enough of your crap! Leave people's things alone!

Tony Jacomello, Crescent City

Terrible choices for editorial cartoons

This newspaper runs the most terrible editorial cartoons.

You guys run a cartoon depicting Edward Snowden as a rat jumping from one country to the other. How stupid, he is not the issue! The issue is this neo-fascist government spying on the American people through the NSA and its Prism program.

Before that,you ran an editorial cartoon in your June 22 edition sniveling about the involvement of Russia in the Syria Civil war situation. Thank God that Russia has gotten involved with that situation, maybe they can save us from ourselves and our awful "historic" president.

This "historic" president has once again decided to take it upon himself to bypass Congress and give money to a bunch of Muslim extremist terrorists in Syria. The Obama administration makes up some story about the Syrian government using nerve gas on thier citizens. Obama is a political gangster from Chicago and he deserves to be thrown out of office. He is a disgrace and he has turned this country into a complete laughingstock, just like the Texas cowboy who came right before him.

Joe Thomas, Brookings

Keep pets safe, secure during fireworks use

While we gear up for the big Independence Day celebration, remember our pets do not understand the meaning of the exciting fireworks, and many are severely frightened, if not downright traumatized, by the noise.

Panicked animals can go to unpredictable lengths to escape the perceived danger.Please make sure your pets and livestock are safe and secure over the holiday, wearing their identification tags and licenses, and remind your visitors to do the same.

If you do become separated from your pet, notify the radio 0629 L-Penastations, use newspaper classifieds, post it on Facebook and check your local animal shelters!

Shelly Peandntilde;a, Crescent City

Allegations against Stockett unbelievable

As an 11-year resident of Klamath since my retirement, I have gotten to know all of the business owners and many of her residents through my involvement with the Klamath Chamber of Commerce, Hunter Valley Community Services District, our Community Neighborhood Watch Program and supporting the various community fund raisers, festivals and activities.Among the largest business owners were Fred Stockett and his wife, Lorna.

Over the last decade or so, the Stocketts invested their capital in Klamath on an RV Park that they rescued after the devastating 1996 flood; owned, renovated and added units to two other mobile home parks, built a cabinet shop business and they have built many beautiful homes in the Klamath town center, to list a few of their efforts.

Fred Stockett served in several positions on the Klamath Chamber of Commerce and has always been a big supporter of the Klamath community by offering employment security, housing opportunities, resources, equipment and assisted in our overall economic growth.

The events that culminated in Mr. Stockett's arrest and subsequently reported in the news that pertained to accusations of inappropriate behavior with a female minor were both shocking and quite franklyandhellip; unbelievable.Although the Triplicate published the stories in a fair and even-handed manner, many gravitated to believing the stories just because they simply read it in the paper or because it was convenient to do so based on other unassociated reasons or interactions with local entities with an financial agenda or just a personal axe to grind.

In my many years of dealings with Fred Stockett, I have always found him selfless, giving, sharing and generous.If a local raffle, charity or non-profit fundraiser was held, one could always find Fred and Lorna there to give and support the event in the name of community.Actions do speak volumes.

An evenly split vote among jury members, who could not in good conscience find Fred Stockett guilty of such charges, says a great deal about the lacking of prosecutable evidence heard by 12 individuals without an ax to grind ("Jury can't reach Stockett verdict," June 27). It also was a testament to our legal system that is designed to sort out truth from fiction. I cannot imagine the suffering and anguish Fred and Lorna have had to endure during this process thus far.I would wish this pain on no one.

Paul Crandall, Klamath