Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Ex-local resident dealing with Arizona tragedy

I remember back to March 1964 when we the people of Crescent City came together to rebuild the city we called home after the Good Friday Tidal Wave (that is what it was called back then, now tsunami).

I was only 10 at the time but saw what happens when a tragedy hits a small city like ours. Move ahead now to July 2013, when we saw the tragedy of the 19 brave fire fighters that perished in Arizona.

I currently live in Prescott, Ariz., where this group was based, and have seen the faces and love of the people of this town pour out to each other, regardless of our beliefs.

I found a picture of the 19 together in Crescent City when they stopped by returning from a fire in Oregon. Needless to say it brought back many memories. Please keep them in your prayers.

Dan Crites, Prescott, Ariz.

Good to have hospital employees speak out

A big yes to Sutter Coast Hospital employees' letters to the editor; what a difference a new CEO makes! It had to be frustrating not being encouraged to "fire off a response" to a letter or two about regionalization over the last year.

I worked at SCH for just over 13 years and it was always difficult for me to keep my mouth shut, especially when I didn't like what was happening! For a while now, I've been talking with neighbors and other community folks about regionalization.

Not one person has had any negative input regarding SCH employees. All have been pleased with the treatment they received and say the nurses are "the best."

Community frustration and anger is with the SCH Board and "Mother Sutter" specifically, because of their blatant stonewalling when community members started asking questions after the Board made its first secret vote in November 2011.

Employees have had an opportunity to talk with Mike Cohill, an SCH Board member and president of the West Bay Region (the region Sutter Health wants SCH to join). Members of the community have not been able to talk with any Board member.

Letters written to the Board with questions have never been answered, not even acknowledged. The SCH board did not have a change of heart and set regionalization aside. It cannot go forward until the existing court injunction that sent SCH and our Healthcare District to Arbitration is settled.

Sutter Health attorneys appealed that ruling so current SCH governance and employee jobs must remain status quo until those legal issues are resolved. If employees could talk with docs and community members, I'm guessing they'd discover we all want the same thing; we're not really "the opposition," "the rebel alliance"!

We all want an acute care hospital offering quality care locally, e.g. SCH. We want nurses and staff to continue working at SCH, being active in our communities and schools and supporting local businesses.

My hope is the new CEO, SCH Board and/or a representative of "Mother Sutter" schedule a town hall for the community, and answer our questions.

Just think, the meeting would be a marathon but employees and community members could have all the facts regarding regionalization and/or other possible changes Sutter Health has in mind for SCH!

Roxie Hazard, Smith River

New resident appreciates Fourth of July events

As a new resident of Crescent City, I want to thank the city and all the sponsors of the Fourth of July parade and fireworks display for the wonderful celebration.

Well done.

Joel Mansfield, Crescent City

Celebrate independence, but not the status quo

It was a beautiful day in Del Norte. The sun was shining, very little wind and no fog.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July.Independence Day. What a wonderful idea. We celebrate our independence from a tyrannical government.

A government that wanted more and more taxes, a government that wanted to direct our very lives. A government that wanted to take away our guns. A government that had spies everywhere reporting back to the king on the comings and goings of anyone who did not agree with him.

Some 237 years ago we fought a war and we sentthat over-bearing king and his lackeys packing. We celebrate the Declaration of Independence every year. Unfortunately, when the celebration is over, too many of us go right back to accepting the status quo.

We say that eavesdropping onthe telephone, email, Facebook, and twitter of Americans by NSA, without a warrant, is OK.It's not!

We say that it's OK for the IRS to pick and choose who gets taxexceptions according to political beliefs, that it' OK if "someone" in theIRS leaks the names of conservative donors for political reasons. It's not!

That it's OK for the U.S. Attorney General's Office to run guns to the Mexican drug cartels, who then usethose guns to kill Mexican men, women and children, and an American Boarder Patrol Agent.It's not!

It's OK for the attorney general to eavesdrop on the media. Reporters who work for the Associated Press, as well as one for Fox News.It's not!

The attorney general says it's OK if Black Panthers stand outside a polling place and intimidate voters ... It's not!

It's OK for Washington to write new laws, taking away our right to bear arms,for the sake of our own "safety."It's not!

It's OK for four Americans to die at the hands of radicals in Benghazi, Libya, while those in charge do nothing, and then lie about it. It's not!

It's OK for the president to use drones to kill people, picking and choosing who lives and who dies, even Americans, who may be radicalized, but who still have a right to due process. It's not!

The first 10 amendments to the Constitution were ratified in 1791, and those amendments say that the above items are not OK!

It's time to get back to remembering and celebrating our independence every day!

Virginia Walworth, Crescent City

Scary parade entryis not appreciated

Thank you to the Fourth of July Parade float that includes scary clowns with chain saws.

Being in the parade for at least the last three years, you have made it so that my young son now flat-out refuses to go watch the parade. I don't know what you are advertising, or what business you represent, but please think about the age of your audience and the appropriateness of your float before you attend community events.

Please bow out of the parade next year so that my son can enjoy what every young child should be able to: A good, old-fashioned, hometown, Fourth of July parade.

Holly Meyer-Zlokovich,Crescent City