Del Norte Triplicate Readers

CHP should be paid well for all they do

I was appalled at the Riverside Press-Enterprise editorial about the California Highway Patrol reprinted in the Triplicate July 13 ("Put an end to autopilot raises in state government").

The person who wrote that editorial doesn't know much about the CHP or its salaries. Yes, its salaries are based on an average of what five other law enforcement agencies get compensated for their type of services. But how many careers ask of their employees what law enforcement agencies ask of theirs?

Do you put your life on the line for others each and every day you go to work? If something goes wrong anywhere in the state of California or sometimes out of the state, will you be asked to leave your families and help protect those in need of protection or help?

Will on average two of your co-workers get killed every year because of their jobs? I think not.

The CHP doesn't make any money from the tickets it writes, it goes to the cities and counties.

Linda Nevarez, Smith River

Hospital employees don't understand

I am writing in response to letters published in the June 29 edition ("Hospital could not survive without Sutter" and "Sutter Health wants best for its hospitals"). Evidently neither of the hospital employees who wrote them have been following this story.

Sutter Coast Hospital is a locally owned public charity. My late husband donated the land to the corporation of Sutter Coast to build a 59-bed hospital. Now, Sutter Health is trying to take ownership of our local hospital, and is considering downsizing us to 25 beds.

Fortunately for us, Asante Health System has stated publicly that it is interested in a closer affiliation with our hospital. Asante could run our hospital, and employees would have a good hospital to work for.

If Sutter Coast is in such dire straits financially, why would Sutter Health want to take over the hospital? It makes no sense that Sutter Health would fight so hard to take ownership of a losing business. The writers of both pro-Sutter letters appear to have been coached. Has the new hospital CEO been encouraging employees to write these letters? We never saw this type of letter for the last two years, until the new CEO arrived.

I know some of the hospital employees are worried about their jobs. But if Sutter downsizes the hospital, it is certain jobs will be lost. And what about the financial burdens on the patients and their families who would be flown to distant hospitals if Sutter downsizes our hospital? This is a remote area, with many elderly and disabled people. Let's think about them too.

I would like to add, I do not understand why the following have continually supported regionalization, which is the first step in downsizing, and why they will not consider Asante. These members are Nancy Ehorn, Mosh Arshi, Thomas Polidore, John Jacobson and Ken Hall.

Beverly Hussey, Crescent City