Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Board should work together on problems

I keep reading our county has more than 150, plus or minus, blighted areas and only Supervisor Gitlin seems to be trying to improve these properties. What are the other four Board of Supervisors doing?

In the June 28 edition of the Triplicate, Supervisor Martha McClure complained about the cost of 12 signs, yet she apparently had no idea how to acquire them. Why not cut out the underbrush and cut tree limbs up to 4 feet high? That will chase transients away without taking the time for the Sheriff's Office to cite them for trespassing. If any "endangered species" are there they are being trampled on right now, so getting the transients out will save the precious little plants. It seems like Supervisor Gitlin and Code Enforcement Officer Dave Mason are trying to do something.

This brings up another issue - our airport remodeling. Fifteen years ago I did some work with the maintenance staff at the airport, and even then there was talk about remodeling it. We are still waiting.

I'm told that the Coastal Commission wants to exchange four acres of county land for one acre of what is deemed "wetlands" at the airport before signing off on rebuilding the airport. If that is true, where is our Board of Supervisor representative who is also on the Coastal Commission? Is she more for the Coastal Commission than for the county she should be representing?

In Matthew 6:24 it reads in part "no one can serve two masters." Has Supervisor McClure fought the Coastal Commission to reduce the 4:1 ratio of land exchange down to 1 for 1? Our county only owns approximately 25 percent of our county; the state and federal governments own the other 75 percent. Does it seem fair to give up more taxable land than we get? If we had good leadership working for us, not the state, we should have had this resolved years ago at an even exchange.

I would like to see the Board of Supervisors work harmoniously together and solve problems that are difficult and perplexing.

Marlowe Thompson,Crescent City