Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Taking inmates' food an overreach

According to the prison system's own rules, any inmate of the California state prison system is on a hunger strike when they refuse prison food for nine consecutive meals. Nothing in that rule says they cannot eat of their privately purchased canteen food.

"Fasting" does not mean a person refuses to eat. Sometimes it means that people will abstain from certain foods. In this case state prison food is the target.

Confiscation of prisoner's canteen food is overreaching the authority of the California prison staff and further points out the unjust conditions of life in the prison industrial complex.

Kathy Anderson, Eureka

Don't let Pastels in the Park fade away

My husband and I have been attending your glorious Fourth of July celebration for over ten years. We drive up from Sonoma County, and spend several days in the area, camping, moteling, visiting with family and friends.

This year, it took some effort to find one of our Fourth favorites, the Pastels in the Park. These chalk drawings are frequently the best part of our Fourth and are often spectacular. I was shocked to learn that their allocated space in the community park has all but disappeared.

Please do not let this marvelous venue for your local talented artists fade away. We love seeing this ephemeral art, watching it being created, chatting with the artists, admiring the planning and execution of their pieces. Please continue hosting this fine example of community spirit at the park. Thank you.

Kathleen Dowdakin, Sebastopol

Spirit of communityin Fourth celebrations

Thank you, Del Norte!

Recently, we took a "girls trip," to visit Grandma over the Fourth of July.

I grew up in and around Crescent City and am a 1998 graduate of Del Norte High. I have always been very honored to have grown up in such an exceptionally astounding, mesmerizing, grounding, geographic paradise but have struggled with my connection to the community as a whole.

My husband and I have two little girls now, and it was my utmost pleasure to play hide-and-seek in the redwoods, look for bat stars and anemones on Pebble Beach, and bask in the sun and play "mermaid" in the spiritually cleansing water of the Smith.

In addition to all the joy in playing with my girls, I also felt an immense amount of gratitude to the locals, including the variety of businesses that graciously hosted all of us "tourists" over the Fourth. I express special appreciation to all the people who put such time, effort, and money into planning and executing such a thoughtful event lineup during the week of the Fourth.

We had good family fun. Beachfront Park looked beautiful, the parade was charming and entertaining and the fireworks were luminous and generous. Thank you, Del Norte, for demonstrating community. It was an honor to return with my girls. You were beautiful as ever and you shined!

Genevieve R. Turner Long, Marina