It happens once in awhile.

And summer is the most likely time.

We have a week with no special programs to tell you about. But just because there are no special events doesn't mean there's nothing going on at church!

Most churches have lots of scheduled activities that occur on a regular basis. Some are well attended, some are not.

Lots of folks seem to feel that going to church on Sunday (or Saturday) morning is sufficient, electing to skip mid-week studies and things like game nights and movie nights. Some churches have various classes - sewing, crocheting, quilting - where ladies can gather and work on projects together.

Often these classes welcome the younger ladies to come and learn the various crafts. In the old days, most homes had an older aunt or grandmother to help teach young girls these skills, but as more and more women found it necessary to join the workforce, these skills dropped by the wayside.

Game night is one regular activity at my church that I thoroughly enjoy. Once a month we gather, bring snacks and our favorite games, and spend two to three hours together just having fun. It makes not only for a very enjoyable evening but allows those of us who participate the chance to get to know each other so much better.

And the folks who choose not to come? They just don't know how much fun they're missing!

Interested, but don't go to New Life? You are welcome to come and play anyway - there or at other churches. Just watch for the time and date and which church it's at.

I'm sure the fair is very likely a part of it right now. Like many others, I'm busy putting the finishing touches on entries, and praying that special African Violet will be in peak bloom just in time. I'll probably take my Dwarf Banana again, even though it still refuses to grow in the middle of the pot. Like a stubborn kid, within a week of transplanting to a bigger home, it has pushed its way over to lean on the edge of the pot once more.

Midweek Bible studies are usually informal, with plenty of interaction that often brings a clearer understanding of what God is trying to tell us through his word.

And God's "house" is not just a church. It's also a temple. Temple Beth Shalom is here for our Jewish community. We may have some differences of opinion on some things that we consider important - but we worship the same God, and we need to respect each other. It's so much nicer when we are friends. Every time I drive down Second Street and see those beautiful works of art I am reminded of that friendship.

So check out all the information that's available elsewhere on this page. There's all kinds of "stuff" going on.

Try something new - make some new friends. Chances are you'll be very glad you did.

To contact me, call 460-3000, or Anyone have another favorite hymn you'd like to hear the history behind? Just let me know!