Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Article failed to get both sides, implied wrongdoing

It never ceases to amuse me that the newspaper runs a story and fails to obtain both sides, especially when this paper can include allegations that hold people in a bad light ("Ex-prosecutor Olson settles for $50K," July 30).

I read with little surprise that a former employee who was fired, settled after six years. Whether I agree with the settlement or not, it makes perfect sense, dollar-wise.

Yet for some reason I still find myself getting disappointed when a story mentions people by name, levels or mentions some allegation and yet this paper fails to actually speak to the person whom it is writing about.

No employee would be fired for grand jury testimony since such testimony is confidential, nor could an employee be fired for political reasons. An employee could however be fired for writing off a friend's ticket.

I guess I expect news from a paper; and yet to print an allegation, name the person whom the allegation is being leveled against in a story that highlights a monetary settlement is simply a slanted gossip piece. It is an example of how a story can be written to imply so much more than what can be factually supported.

For example, If I alleged that the editor of a paper was being sued for being a racist and then wrote an article that the paper settled the suit for $50,000 without ever speaking to the editor about the allegation, well, I would be implying that the suit had some merit; just as this paper did in its latest article.

Mike Riese, Crescent City

Rep. Huffman not showing interest in us

It seems our new congressman, Jared Huffman, is continuing where our former congressman, Mike Thompson, left off: He does not believe Del Norte County is worthy of a town hall meeting. He has been up to Eureka and towns farther south but has not scheduled any time for us.

His D.C. office also continues Thompson's lead by not answering correspondance. My oldest documented letter of April 15 asking about Mr. Huffman's position on energy needs has not been answered yet; neither has my letter of April 29.

I talked with someone in the D.C. office and he refused to tell me who is responsible to answer correspondence. What is the big secret of who is responsible?

Marlowe Thompson, Crescent City

Symbol of peace seen in clean energy source

Yesterday, while driving home from a family reunion in Sacramento, we caught sight of something beautiful in an otherwise flat, barren and uninteresting landscape.

The air was choking with thick grey particulates from all the fires burning in California and Oregon. But an enormous kinetic sculpture mesmerized us for several miles. It was a windmill that managed to catch any lick of breeze that passed it by. As it turned slowly I noticed it looked a lot like the middle of a peace sign and thought, "how appropriate."

If there were never again any wars fought or lives lost for the control of oil, and if all the world's population had all the energy it wanted simply by letting a big, beautiful windmill spin, the world would certainly be a more peaceful place to live.

Velma Rinehart, Crescent City