Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Sutter has benefitted community greatly

The financial crisis in health care today affects not only Sutter Health but every health care organization across the nation.

Sutter arrived in our community over 20 years ago. Its commitment to Del Norte and Curry counties began with building a new hospital, recruiting physicians, purchasing state of the art equipment and technology, partnering with other facilities to provide patient care not available in this remote area of California such as telemedicine in the Intensive Care Unit (advanced video and electronic monitoring - an off-site team of critical care doctors and nurses who also closely monitor ICU patients), neurology telemedicine in the Emergency Department with CPMC in the Bay area, Cal-Ore life flights to RVMC in Medford for our heart patients requiring time-sensitive heart catheterization intervention.

The Emergency Department treats approximately 1,700andndash;1,800 patients per month, the Ambulatory Surgery Department performs about 200 surgeries per month, with a surgical staff available for emergency cases, the Obstetrics Department delivers about 30 babies per month, not to mention the clinics, home health services, diabetic education and nutrition classes, laboratory, x-ray and physical therapy departments available to the community.

Traveling nurses, therapists and technicians from all over the United States are amazed that such a small rural hospital has the technology, equipment and high level of expertise to care for our community. Sutter has benefited our community greatly. Let us wait for The Camden Group recommendations and keep an open mind.

Health care is rapidly changing in our society today and the bottom line is we need a hospital in our community staffed with physicians and the many specialties involved in providing the excellent health care we currently receive at Sutter Coast Hospital.

Catherine Lemiuex, Crescent City

Response to CongressmanHuffman's opinion

Our elected officials have taken an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. With that in mind I have three criteria for our elected officials:

andbull; Each proposed bill that is to be voted on must be within the limits of the Constitution.

andbull; Every proposed bill must be read and understood before voting aye or nay. If the proposed bill is received without time to read it, do what this president did in Illinois: Vote "present."

andbull; I expect our elected officials to be honest with us and not give us the "party line." So far Congressman Huffman has failed that test.

I find it necessary to correct several misstatements in Congressman Huffman's Aug. 8 Coastal Voices ("Unproductive Congress can function better"):

andbull; If Speaker Boehner had tried to keep the House in session during August there would have been many complaints that he is keeping the members from talking to their constituents.

andbull; The sequester is only 2.5 percent of the proposed spending. We still do not have an official budget as required by the Constitution. Can't Congress find that much waste?

andbull; The Tea Party is not an official arm of the Republican Party. It is not an extreme anti-government, anti-immigrant organization. The Tea Party wants a smaller, constitutionally based government. We have laws on the books that neither party is upholding. The people coming into the U.S. outside the lawful procedure are the illegals, and those who approve their actions are the extreme anti-Americans, even those with law degrees who should know and understand our Constitution. The shameful result, Congressman, is caused by those who condone this action.

andbull; While you are calling it shameful that Congress has not done much you need to look at the Senate and your party leader, Sen. Harry Reid. He will not put any proposed bill up for consideration that comes from the House. He is the obstructionist. The House has sent many proposed bills to the Senate and not one has been considered.

How can Congressman Huffman say he will work with a bipartisan group to solve problems when he has shown he is already part of the problem and not being truthful with us but is giving his party's propaganda?

Marlowe Thompson, Crescent City