It's time we asked the question, "When is enough enough?"

It should be evident by now that the big foot of state government controlled by Los Angeles and San Francisco has embarked on a war against the rural counties of Northern California.

Even if you were living under a rock and were not paying attention, the illegal fire tax should have gotten your attention. It is only being paid by those living in rural areas even if they are already paying a separate tax for local fire protection. That state tax alone will cost you a minimum of $1,100 over the next 10 years.

But wait, there's more, a lot more. Back in May I pointed out in this newspaper that the California war on rural areas was being extended to our kids with the introduction of a bill that would mandate that children who identified themselves as members of the opposite sex could use all of the facilities of that sex.

In other words, if a boy identifies himself as a girl even though he has male parts, he is allowed to play with the girls on their athletic teams, other competitions and use the facilities consistent with his gender identity. Yes, it means he can also use the girls bathroom, locker room and shower facilities.

I predicted that If this were ever to become law, it would put an end to public schools. No parent that I know would ever send their child to a school that would abide by this law. Well, guess what? That bill with the backing of Los Angeles and San Francisco and our own assemblyman has passed and was signed by the governor and is now the law, beginning on Jan. 1, 2014.

It's time we asked a lot of questions like: Do we really need almost 6,000 state agencies to govern every aspect of our lives?

Do we really want to pay billions of dollars for a bullet train for Southern California while our cries to fix Highway 101 go unheard?

Do we really want Los Angeles to steal our water while our fish die for lack of adequate flows?

Do we really want San Francisco to dictate the price of labor in Del Norte County? Last of all, is it fair that we are being subjected to taxation without representation?

Citizens in other rural counties are asking themselves these same questions and are coming to the conclusion that in order to have some measure of control over their lives, they are beginning to look into the matter of secessionwith the goal of establishing the state of Jefferson.

The state of Jefferson is not a new idea. In 1941 the idea of creating a state out of Northern California and Southern Oregon almost took hold, because even 60 years ago these areas were feeling neglected and without the power to control their own destiny.

The counties of Southern Oregon have the same problems that are facing the counties of Northern California. It's only natural that they want what we want, the chance to control their own lives. Curry, Josephine and Jackson counties in Oregon would make great partners with Del Norte, Siskiyou and Trinity counties in California.

We can begin the process by having our Board of Supervisors adopt a resolution to withdraw from the state of California. This first step is permitted under Article 4 Section 3 of the constitution.

Is there a supervisor willing to take on this challenge? I hope so. What would you rather have, two senators representing Del Norte or Siskiyou or Jackson counties rather than representing San Francisco and Marin counties as we have now?

Wouldn't you rather have a congressman representing you and your interests rather than representing Marin County interests as we have now?

In any event, the conversation needs to start somewhere. It might as well begin here and now.

You can be a part of it by contacting your supervisor and ask them if he or she would be willing to support a resolution that would begin the process of letting us chart our own destiny.

Bob Berkowitz is a Crescent City resident.