Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Time for Del Norte to figure out its economy

There are those that have in Del Norte County and those that do not. As a former foster child of this county, I know only too well.

Were it not for a miracle escape, I too would be dependent on food stamps and public assistance. I do have to say that in my time there I was able to write three grants, one for 150 pairs of new shoes for children in need, one for a Christmas dinner for 750 people and one for a wheel chair ramp for the local food bank.

Those that have seem to make it impossible for those that do not. For example, a local doctor pays employees $10 an hour with no benefits. How is that a livable wage?

These people go to work everyday, they are not drug addicts or drunks, so how is that fair? The old saying, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, is sadly true in Del Norte County.

Not everyone has rich relatives to pay their way or old-time connections. The children in your county are hungry and it's time for Del Norte County to step up to the 21st century and figure things out.

Alaska is booming, so much so that it has to go to the lower 48 to find employees.

Misa Heximer,Anchorage, Alaska

Transgender student law tramples Christian rights

Gov. Jerry Brown and his Democratic Legislature have once again taken a major blow toward the destruction of the family and any moral leanings this state might still have. They say they are protecting the "minority," but in my opinion it is to destroy the family and any sense of morality.

This latest bill signed into law by our own governor regarding the transvestites' "rights" once again tramples on the rights of the parents regarding moral issues and involves our children at every grade level. Are we going to allow them to keep encroaching on parental rights to teach their children?

If 70 percent of the population of this nation is Christian (despite what the president says), then we should have enough strength to get up and fight to protect our families, our children, our God.

They seem to be well on the way to thoroughly brainwashing the children regarding hedonistic sex and to eradicating the strength of the family and the church.

This is how all great nations fall and dictators rise. Are there enough strong leaders out there to prevent this? Is anyone in our own state going to fight this latest affront to our freedom? I hope so. The time is now. May God help us.

Lilyan Wood,Crescent City