From the pages of the Del Norte Triplicate, August 1942.

Kilsoo K. Haan, Washington representative for the Sino-

Korean People's League, reports in the following story that the Japanese have huge submarines capable of carrying up to four airplanes and Japanese war plans even included an early capture of Crescent City as the first step on the invasion of the West Coast:

The indicated sneak Japanese "test" bombing of heavily forested Mt. Emily in Oregon may be considered a prelude to further hit-and-run attacks from the air along the Pacific coast, according to our information on the enemy's war plans.

These plans call for the use of Crescent City as an operational base for fanning Japanese troops out along the coast. Japanese agents made a very thorough survey of harbor and railroad facilities along the coast and then left for home early in 1941.

Crescent City was then chosen, on the basis of these studies, as a base for operations, not only because of its centralized location, but because of the abundance of raw material in the vicinity.

While the area possesses numerous natural barriers to an attack, the Japanese believe they could seize it by a sneak commando raid and the shoe would then be on the other foot. Lake Earl was planned as a seaplane base.

With abundant water supply, the area was found by the Japanese to possess billions of feet of good lumber, one of the world's greatest copper ore deposits, immense quantities of limestone for cement, more than half of the known U. S. chrome, besides almost inexhaustible supplies of manganese, pyrites, marble and even coal.

Winter suggestion

With winter just around the corner where prosperity once lurked, it's time to take inventory. Travel and other amusements will be restricted, and listening to the radio becomes boresome.

Couldn't we organize a home-talent, round-robin Del Norte group on the old-time literary society basis to give a monthly entertainment? Proceeds could go to the Red Cross or to war bonds.

Such a program would engage a variety of talent, give aid and comfort to our citizens, and best of all, we might all get acquainted and find that our neighbors are people pretty much like ourselves, and just as anxious to be friendly, respected and admired.

New knitting chairman

Announcement is made this week that Mrs. Freda Weston has replaced Mrs. Mae Wilbur as knitting chairman of the Del Norte County Red Cross Chapter.

Red Cross yarn is now available at the Weston Auto Supply Store at Second and I streets, where an ample supply is on hand to fill all needs, be it for civilian or war garments.

Order hits gold miners

The Klamath River will remain practically free from mining debris for the duration, due to the WPB order issued in Washington this week closing all gold mines throughout the country. Among the big companies operating on the Klamath River is the Von der Hellen Company, which already has announced the closing down of the operation at McConnell's Bar, just below Humbug Creek.

Another outfit to close down is the Yuba Consolidated Dredging Company, operating a big dredger near Callahan on the Klamath River.

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