Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Failed stores can't blame Walmart

All things considered, the times and economy had much more to do with grocery store failures than Walmart.

Having shopped at both failed Ray's Food Places for many years, both stores were excellent, well run, good selections and great employees. But those factors cannot compensate for 10 to 20 percent higher prices.

Driving distance and convenience are also in the equation. For those of us in the north county, fuel costs and having several other Brookings/Harbor stores to choose from for all needs made going north a logical and economical choice.

Buy local? Ninety percent of new items coming on the market are not available locally ... or six months after release, if at all.

Medford then becomes a logical choice, at any cost, when combined with other shopping needs.

Failed stores and restaurants cannot blame Walmart for the economy or inefficiencies in current business. Shoppers always have and always will choose costs and convenience over loyalties.

Bob Douglas, Smith River

Higher prices, not Walmart,sank Ray's

I would like to write a letter in defense of Walmart, Safeway, Grocery Outlet, the Dollar Store and all the other local stores in Crescent City.

Ray's market has closed due to the fact that people do not want to pay higher prices.

We are senior citizens on a fixed budget and we shop for the sales at all the stores.

Ray's market and management need to stop blaming Walmart and realize that people in these hard economic times are looking for the best price available.

Marie Johnson, Crescent City

Indefinite increases of rates unfair to payers

For some time now I have heard that there will be sewer rate increases made by the city. While I don't live in the city but a few blocks outside the city limits, I am affected nonetheless. I am a renter and am serviced by "city water and sewer."

Because I am a renter and my landlord lives in Weed, Calif., I do not know what my included power, utilities and garbage fees are. Up to now I can only be thankful they have not passed various increases on to me. However I cannot expect this to continue indefinitely.

I have been chronically underemployed for several years and am barely able to keep the roof over my head as it is. The unemployment of this county is not getting any better, as more and more businesses are closing due to the crushing California regulations, taxes and infrastructure fees.

What's more, people still do not believe Agenda 21 is real as more and more of our property is gobbled up by the parks, banks are foreclosing on property and property is coming off the tax rolls once purchased by the tribes. For the city to try to make ends meet on the backs of the rate payers is nothing short of obscene.

If anyone asks for your support to stop this increase I hope you give it.

Jaime Yarbrough, Crescent City