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Once again, one of those green and growing things around me has turned nature's schedule upside down.

We've gotten used to the apple tree that has taken to having an extra blooming in December every year. Of course, no apples result, though it does bloom again and produce at the proper time. There are about six to eight apples on it now, which is typical for this little tree.

It's a "single stem" apple, from a nursery in Canandaigua, N.Y. No branches, it has 4-inch "spurs" along its 6-foot trunk. I have two of them, one a MacIntosh, the other, Golden Delicious. As you can see, I like unusual things. Now, if we can just beat the raccoons to them.

This year the surprise comes from that Gloxinia I've told you about in the past.

Some folks might think I'm crazy, but if you look, and think

about things a bit, you can find lessons in faith in just about


I have to admit I've neglected not only that Gloxinia,

but most of my plants this year. With severely painful hips and back, I

just didn't water like I should. Had it not been for my grandson

Stephen, they'd probably all be in plant heaven by now.

Every year

around the end of August or start of September, the Gloxinia dies down

and goes to sleep for the winter. I tuck it away on a dim shelf in my

bedroom, and bring it back out around March.

I was just about to

take it back to the bedroom a few days ago when, to my surprise, I noted

that it had started growing new leaves again - way ahead of schedule.


it had such a tough time this year, it did not blossom. Perhaps it's

just being extra tough and coming on again in spite of me - or perhaps

it's God's way of saying I'm forgiven for being such a terrible

caregiver this year. I'm just happy to see new green, and hoping it will

keep on and blossom.

Life gives us surprises all the time.

Sometimes, like this, nice ones. And sometimes, very sad ones, as have

happened to friends this year. Faith is what sustains us in times like

these - and reminds us, with the nice ones, that God is there watching

out for us, to help us remember that in the bad times, he will be there

to help us.

andbull; There will be a series of events at the First

Baptist Church, Sept. 4, 11 and 18. Louie Giglio's "Passion Talk" series

has been presented around the world, and all are welcome to this free

presentation. The titles are: Sept. 4, "Indescribable"; Sept. 11, "How

Great is Our God?"; and Sept. 18, "Symphony."

andbull; With Christmas not so far away now, it's time to start planning for Operation Christmas Child and those Shoebox Gifts.


will be a planning meeting at Pelican Bay Evangelical Free Church on

Sept. 14 at 10 a.m. Regulars Judy and Glen Rowell have some new helpers,

Wilma and Bill Ross as Church Relations Coordinators.

There will

be a short presentation about Operation Christmas Child, and the boxes,

called GO boxes, will be available to take back to your churches. These

are the size of shoeboxes, and are preferred because they pack better

and more uniformly.

If you are interested, plan on attending the

meeting. This is a fun and worthwhile project. If you'd like more

information, go on the website fir Samaritan's Purse and click on OCC.


On Sept. 8, the New Life Community Church will have a "Bye Bye Summer"

potluck at Beachfront Park at 2 p.m. Bring a dish to pass and enjoy fun

and fellowship before those chilly rains set in!

andbull; High Holiday schedules for our Jewish community are as follows.


Hoshannah: Curry Coastal Pilot Conference Room in Brookings, from 7 to 9

p.m., Thursday, Sept. 5, Temple Beth Shalom. Tashlich to follow at the B

Street pier in Crescent City.

Yom Kippur: Friday, Sept. 13, Curry Coastal Pilot, 7-9 p.m.

Saturday, Sept. 14, Temple Beth Shalom, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

To reach Martha Williams, call 460-3000, or email