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SHU inmates' advocates ought to be ashamed

Regarding the "Alliance for Global Justice" advertisement in the Aug. 31 edition, really? Stop the torture, huh? The "real" torture is the memories and anguish the victims and the families of the victims suffer every day as a result of the "tried and convicted" crimes these inmates perpetrated.

Why is it we seem to forget about that and give far too much attention to these predatory manipulators? These inmates keep referring to their conditions of captivity as "solitary confinement." Really? They can have a cellmate if they qualify. They can have visitors. What's solitary about that?

All this "hunger strike nonsense is ridiculous. These hunger strike participants are grown adults offered food three times a day with the option of purchasing additional food items from the state-managed "canteen" (store). If they don't want to eat, so what! Don't eat. If you starve yourself to death ... bye!

It's disappointing and costly that "we" pay any attention at all to their "demands." Really? Demands? They should be put back on "civilly dead" status, like they were many years ago. Imagine the millions and millions of dollars the state would save on frivolous court costs, appeals, lawsuits and abolishing all the other "rights" these criminals have acquired! If Gov. Brown truly wants to get California back in the "black" financially, this move alone would be a huge step in that direction.

In closing, the public needs to be better informed about why these SHU inmates are there. These SHU inmates have demonstrated that they cannot "program" in a general population setting and get along with the other inmates there. They are controlling, manipulating, violent predators who have been placed in the SHU for their documented continual non-compliance of the rules and regulations, and for the safety of the other inmates around them. These SHU inmates have "earned" their way into the SHU.

Unfortunately, the powers that be have given in to previous "hunger strikes" and let the genie out of the bottle. What will the participating inmates get from this strike attempt? Where will we be two, three or five hunger strikes from now? The Alliance for Global Justice, ala "stop the torture in U.S. prisons" and all the other sign-ons to this nonsense should be ashamed of themselves, but they aren't.

David Lee, Klamath

Ad decrying prison treatment is simplistic

I wanted to thank the Triplicate for writing such a great editorial, "Ad is another example of simplistic advocacy," Aug. 31, in response to the paid ad in the same edition about "Stopping torture in U.S. prisons."

I also wanted to thank the people that placed the ad. It just so happens that I ran out of toilet paper this morning and it came in handy! A little harsh, but effective, if you get my point.

Mike Cuthbertson, Gasquet