Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Can't something be done to get buses to and from the college?

We need a city bus to go to the college and pick up at the college. Our son started college this year. He has to walk five or more blocks to college and back to the bus stop Monday through Thursday, carrying all his books in a backpack, and if it's raining that will be a mess.

So is there anybody else out there who needs bus transportation to and from the college? So why don't any buses go to the college and back? We really need this service. Can something be done about this situation?

Karen Leven, Smith River

Considering the consequences of a Last Chance Grade collapse

Mr. Kurt Stremberg's recent Coastal Voices piece ("Find new route before economy devastated," Aug. 22), reminded of this letter I started but hadn't sent.

Summertime and the road work means waiting! For how many years have we been waiting for work on Last Chance Grade, Highway 101?

I don't have to be an engineer to realize that there are some real problems necessitating yearly reconstruction, not lasting solutions. What happens when our rain, and winds, cause it to collapse again?

I'm not a pessimist, just a realist. How do people go in and out? How do supplies come in and out? How long will it take to repair again, if the hill is gone? Do we have to go around to Highway 299?

Has anyone considered how the prison will feed thousands every day? How will many people get to work in the prison? Are you aware how many do not live in Crescent City?

It seems that a road above the existing road, and inland, would solve the problem. Of course, these matters have to be studied, but how much are lives worth, and how much has already been spent for 30 or more years to maintain a risky road?

Could Caltrans give us some of these statistics?

Calie Martin, Crescent City

Ray's prices are what undid it, not Walmart's presence

Any shopper who compares prices knew that overall Ray's Food Place charged the most.

I'm not familiar with its marketing concept, but I do know it was not competitive with other grocery stores.

Ray's priced itself out of business, not Walmart.

Ray Marshall, Crescent City