Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Bypass Last ChanceGrade with bridge

I am writing in response to the recent letters concerning Last Chance Grade.

I would like to suggest putting in a bridge. Start back about one-eighth of a mile in both directions where the land is stable, come out over the ocean and bypass this unstable land.

Dorothy Heinisch,Crescent City

Criminals not held accountable here

Do you know the problem with this county? It is when someone steals something from someone else or breaks into a house or place of business and no one wants to press charges against these thieves.

That's when they continue to break the law over and over.

As for these homeless people, they need to get off the corner and quit begging for money. People work

hard for their money and they don't need to be pestered.

I would press charges on anyone because when I got into trouble, I had charges pressed on me.

Tony Jacomella,Crescent City