Del Norte Triplicate Readers

City not playing fair in water rate increase

Thank you for quoting me accurately in the Sept. 19 article, "Water rate hike has it critics."

Here's what you didn't address. I purchased the Water Department list of addresses from the city in 2007 when we attempted the first Prop. 218 protest against raising sewer rates. The list was incorrect and inaccurate. I asked for a refund of a corrected list. I received neither.

I also purchased the master control list in 2007 from the city. This included the parcel numbers. That list was incorrect and inaccurate. And, I purchased the county list of parcel numbers, which was outdated. Some property information was as much as 11 years outdated.

The sum total of all that was very clear. We were able to track down how fraud was committed by the city. It is for that reason we now want to double-check their numbers, names and addresses up front rather than after the fact. It is clear to us that the city wants to avoid providing that information because it allows the city to try to commit fraud once again.

It's not about disclosing names and addresses of correctional officers or anyone in the peace keeping forces. That's just silly and a distraction away from the real problems, which are that all ratepayers (owners of property or tenants whether or not they have their water included in their rent) have the constitutional right to protest increased taxes. This is called the Prop. 218 Protest Vote.

That's why the first recall was initiated against former City Clerk Dianne Nickerson, who miscounted the votes. She had the help of seven people working for the city in miscounting the votes. The protest letters and lists submitted numbered less than 3,000. For so many errors to occur in such a small protest speaks volumes. It is clear to us that the city does not and has not played fair. This is how corruption is allowed to continue.

Now, as editor ofwww.cres, I know how time-consuming it can be to check and confirm information. So I write this will all due respect to your reporter, but she did not verify information related to her by Mayor Richard Enea about the city of Dixon as it relates to who controls the water rates.

Donna Westfall,Crescent City

Second Amendment doesn't fit our times

I'm always amused when the right wing of this country begins bemoaning the eroding of its Second Amendment rights. It talks about this amendment as if this came down from the heavens above.

However, it was written by the same men who kept slaves and denied women the right to vote. It seems that even the massacre of small children hasn't been enough to bring our current Republican Party to its senses.

I have a suggestion: Everyone turn in your handguns and assault rifles and you will be issued a Davy Crockett-style flintlock rifle, which was the firearm of the day when this amendment was written.

Gerry Dooley, Crescent City