Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Water is not the only rate or tax hike hitting us soon

I have to agree with the Sept. 26 Coastal Voices piece by Katherine Kelly, "Poor residents can't pay more for water," about the many low-income people in our community.

What wasn't mentioned is the garbage rate hike, along with some sewer rate increases coming in the future, and a higher property tax for homeowners. Plus winter is coming and heating bills are going to go up.

People are being slammed from every angle. Separately, they don't sound so bad, but adding them together spells disaster for so many people.

Even people who don't live in poverty are living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to make ends meet. With all that's being thrown at them, they could be part of that low-income group.

Is this what our city wants? To make us all poor?

Marsinah Murakami,Crescent City

New bicycle law could tie up traffic for miles

The Associated Press article, "Cyclists will get a 3-foot buffer under new law," Sept. 28, has a statement that is not included in the lengthy description I got when researching the law on Google.

The article says regarding the proposal, "It states that if drivers cannot leave 3 feet of space, they must slow down and pass only when it would not endanger the cyclist's safety."

The description on Google has no provision for allowing a vehicle ever to pass when unable to leave 3 feet of space. Which means traffic could be tied up for miles if a cyclist refuses to pull over and stop.

On most of our city streets, with parked vehicles along the curb, there is no way a vehicle can pass a cyclist without driving over the center line, which is also prohibited. I would like an official clarification of the law.

Laurel Marquart,Crescent City

Gun laws protect innocent from mentally unbalanced

In response to Clif Shepard's Sept. 28 letter ("Right to bear arms older than recorded history"), let's bring some common sense on the table.

For everything we have to deal with in life, there are rules. There was a piece on "60 Minutes" about the mentally ill and how we are not dealing with them. They are locked up in prisons and learn how to be criminals. Same for drug offenses.

We simply must have background checks to protect ordinary citizens from terrorist events like Sandy Hook, the shooting spree at a Gabby Gifford gathering in Arizona, Columbine, ad nauseam.

I'm sure casinos have rules or everyone would win. We have driving rules or we'd be running into each other.

Gun owners are not the only people whose rights need protecting. The innocents deserve to have a fair playing field where a mentally unbalanced person may not be able to buy a gun and go on a shooting spree.

Just because we have gun rights, it doesn't mean we have to unleash every form of weaponry on the public. Assault weapons have no place on the streets of this country.

The NRA has a very good PR organization. It is based on instilling fear into all gun owners that their guns will be confiscated by the government.

Put your thinking caps on. Bring some sensible gun rules to the table and turn us into a peace-loving people once again, in a world where our children can feel safe at school.

Crystal Griffin,Crescent City

When president starts World War III in Syria ...

I am really worried.

Who is going to give the Nobel Peace Prize to John Kerry and Barack Obama when they start World War III in Syria and the world comes to an end?

The devil?

Joe Thomas,Brookings