Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Fire fee protesters now have a voice

I have a few questions concerning the fire fee/tax.

Did you, the readers, pay your fee under protest? I hope you were able to get a petition for redetermination, filled it out and mailed it to be received within the time frame we were allowed by the state.

When I got this notice to pay this fee last year - which caught me off guard - I called the State Board of Equalization. They were prepared for calls about this fee, as I was told to call Cal Fire and they gave me their phone number. I was also told that they just mail these notices and have no authority to make any judgments on my complaints and that I must file a complaint in the order of the petition for redetermination to Cal Fire.

I phoned Cal Fire and was told the same thing. So I paid my fee/tax and put "paid under protest" on it, filled out the petition and mailed it. I only had five days to get it to Cal Fire and I acted very fast. It made it in the time frame and was not late.

Sometime later, I received a reply from Cal Fire. It was of no surprise to me that my petition and letter were denied. Cal Fire told me they had no authority in making decisions, they were just the agency that receives the money. Were you told the same as me?

I then mailed copies of all of this to all of our senators, our representatives, AARP and the Howard Jarvis Tax Payers Association (HJTA). I received a form-letter type of response from them, stating that the senators and representatives handle the federal issues for the state and this was a state issue. AARP was similar, only they are working on Medicare issues only and Social Security.

I received a reply from HJTA telling me they have been on this for some time and were on our side, all of us who were forced to pay this fee/tax. A lawsuit is in process for all of us. Thanks to HJTA we stand a good chance to get our money back. If I live that long.

Check them out on your computer atwww.firetaxprotest.organd check the box on top.

Now you can feel a bit better as we do have a voice and will be heard by HJTA. As an individual, I just got shuffled aside and ignored.

Robert Addington,Crescent City

Shutdown reckless endangerment

Well, I've been watching things and it seems to me this government shutdown is a reckless action by the House Republicans.

I guess there are people who are publicity hounds, but I'm sick of watching them and I think we're all pretty tired of constant threats and disruptions, particularly as we seem to be slowly and gradually coming back from the economic crashes.

Even Europe's news is getting better and the longer this lasts, the more likely the House Republicans are sending us back into economic recession. I realize these House Republicans are mostly millionaires, so with or without their paychecks, they'll be OK, but not the rest of us!

After the recent 2008 bank and stock crashes, we don't need another meltdown. With the two least productive (in bills passed) terms in history, it's hard to disagree with the statement that the House Republicans do not care about the public good. I guess that's why, in modern times, they're known to almost entirely represent only the interests of big, rich corporations and the people who own the vast majority of those corporations.

Michael Sisson,Crescent City