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Numerous benefits of term limits for rancheria

Smith River Rancheria members have made tremendous progress to amend the tribe's constitution to include Tribal Council term limits!

The For Your Knowledge (FYK) Committee has collected over 208 voter signatures on the initiative! We could not have accomplished this feat without the support of our tribal membership and we thank each and every one of you who felt so inclined to sign.

Once the voter signatures have been verified by the Election Board, the Tribal Council must call a special election on the initiative within 90 days. We are proud of our tribal voters that have continued their support for us to exercise our tribal sovereign rights.

We are on the verge of making effective and positive changes within our tribal governmental structure. Term limits are a good thing. Term limits will give all tribal members that aspire to become Tribal Council members an opportunity to participate in tribal leadership by providing fresh ideas as well as offering training to next generations to effectively operate fiscally sound governmental programs and projects to further our culture, language and heritage.

There is a presumption that when council members know there is a six-year time frame to hold office they will work more efficiently and be more responsive to the needs of the general membership.

It is a known fact that effective leadership can be overwhelming. But there will be seasoned leadership available to pass on the baton since the seven-member council rotates out in staggered terms of office.

The mandatory three-year break will give those wanting to re-run the same concept of bringing renewed energy and fresh ideas to the drawing board. The break will allow our leadership to reacquaint themselves with all facets of our tribal membership.

This is a win-win situation for both tribal members and our council leadership. There is good in making effective changes such as setting Tribal Council term limits even though most humans resist change.

Remember, to get out and vote when the announcement comes for the special election. Order and return your absentee ballot as soon as possible. We need a majority vote of the registered voters of the rancheria voting in the special election to amend the constitution to include council term limits.

So, no excuses! If you need a ride to the polling place, just ask. Get out the vote!

Sheryl Steinruck,Smith River

Ending and avoiding wars is devil's work?

Memo to Joe Thomas ("When president starts World War III in Syria ..." Oct. 1): President Obama has ended one war and is in the process of ending another one. He is peacefully having Syria turn over its chemical weapons and diplomatically attempting to end Iran's nuclear program.

Yep, that's certainly the devil's work.

Gerry Dooley,Crescent City