Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Stand up for our children and challenge bullying

I am writing as an outraged parent of three elementary school-aged children. The bullying, and vicious attacks on our students is still up and rising, despite what our area schools tell us, and I have seen people on various bullying sites talking about how their children are being bullied or have been beat up before, during, or after school.

All I can say to those parents is shame on you. Most of you have not gone past the police, or the principals of these area schools, to protect your own children. If the principals won't help, go to the superintendent, and if he won't help go to the state.

We have to start standing up for our children. Too many children are going into depression about their situations at school, that leads to, in their minds, no other alternative but to commit suicide, or develop some sort of other coping mechanism.

Pulling them out of school should not be the answer. Everyone deserves the "school experience" that we had growing up. Friends, dances and just general hanging out with your friends on the playground. It is a surreal experience that no one should miss.

We as parents are obligated to protect our children from the cold, and sometimes lonely, confines of bullying at our schools. For if we do not stand up for our children, who will?

Shawna Fairgood,Crescent City

The DA's Office is failing us while Alexander is absent

This is in response to the Sept. 26 article "Scorecard needed to track DA spat." I am very upset regarding the statement that "the county is looking toward the future without him" (Jon Alexander).

No one has ever contacted me for my opinion. Personally, I wish Alexander was back at the DA's Office. While Alexander can't currently practice law at this time, he should be able to assign cases and oversee the staff at the office. He certainly can advise the current "DA" on how to handle and try cases.

Since Alexander was placed on administrative leave, the numbers of cases tried to the full extent of the law have been few and far between. The cases that should have been tried were "settled" with nothing more than a mere slap on the hands.

What message does this send to criminals? The current prosecutors who try cases either don't have the experience they need, fear trying high-profile cases or perhaps are even asked to look the other way.

When Alexander was in office, he worked long evenings and weekends prepping for trials and making sure his staff was up and running efficiently. I have yet to see anyone working past 5 o'clock (especially during a high-profile trial, oh wait a minute, there are no high profile cases) during the week making sure the citizens of Del Norte County are safe. It seems like it is simply an 8andndash;5 job in the DA's Office. Not true.

Another item that makes me mad as hell is the fact that Alexander was placed on leave without pay. Both Deputy Joe Garcia of the Del Norte County Sheriff's Office as well as Chief Probation Officer Thomas Crowell were placed on administrative leave with pay. Where is the justice in this? Shouldn't Alexander have the same rights as these individuals, who were charged with crimes?

In this letter I am referring to the statement by county counsel Gretchen Stuhr who stated that "attorneys usually resign." Well, Alexander truly believes in what he is doing. He is trying to get back in office to oversee cases that need to be prosecuted.

Many citizens of Del Norte County to whom I have spoken believe in Jon Alexander and we will continue to support him. To the writer of the article, Anthony Skeens, I say, there is a scorecard.

Veronica Candelaria,Smith River