Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Del Norte is better off without Alexander as DA

This unsolicited letter is in response to Veronica Candelaria's Oct. 8 letter, "The D.A.'s Office is failing while Alexander is absent."

I have personal experience with the likes of former district attorneys Bill Cornell, Mike Riese and Bob Drossel.

I've also spent more than three years litigating criminal conduct opposite Katie Micks as the acting D.A. This, during the haze of Riese's last three years of his second term, or in the current absence of Alexander. All I can say after living through Cornell and Riese is, thank God we now have someone who understands there are 52 (at most) felony trial days in a year, and about 400 felony cases (down from Alexander's irrational 1,000 per year). There are 2,200 or more misdemeanor cases put in the system each year, with 24 trial days.

Ms. Micks processes the cases along as well as can be expected, especially since the state will not create another judgeship in this town, despite meeting the state's own criteria for such an appointment.

Alexander is the type of person to set another up and have them besmirched for his own career benefit. I know - I am his victim.

What is more, the state Bar court concurs with my opinion, finding in his state Bar trial testimony: "The court finds respondent's credibility tenuous. andhellip; His lack of candor and truthfulness in his dealings with the court and opposing counsel demonstrate that he did not comprehend his special duty as a prosecutor to promote justice and seek the truth, and not merely to convict." (Page 24, State Bar Court Opinion Case No. 11-0-12821-LOMA filed 4/4/13.)

But, hey, what were the voter's options for the last district attorney election: elect for the third time a person alleged to be too out of it to come to the office, or a chest-thumping, proud, ex-drug addict too burned out to comprehend and apply the law?

I don't know Ms. Candelaria. She obviously is not a lawyer. All I can tell the citizens of Del Norte is that Alexander's lawsuit for reinstatement is due for a hearing today. Del Norte is way better off without him within our borders.

Hopefully justice will be done at the hearing and Del Norte can move on to more important issues, like supporting the creation of the state of Jefferson so we can have some self-determination and not suffer the bull manure Sacramento shovels our way.

Leroy Davies, Crescent City

The only solution to rate hikes is economic growth

What a wonderful letter by Marsinah Murakami ("Water is not the only rate or tax hike hitting us soon," Oct. 1).

Theonlysolution is economic growth, a rising tide raises all boats.

Monsters in sheep's clothing like Friends of Del Norte will end this town. It will be a ghost town with no hospital, no car dealership and no one employed at all except by the one-party government we have now fallen victim to statewide.

Lawrence Fortier, Crescent City