Del Norte Triplicate Readers

City must cut spendingbefore seeking rate hike

I have to respond to the Sept. 28 Triplicate editorial, "Protest aside, what about our water?" How arrogant to try and make this protest about people not wanting to improve their water system.

When I read that people might be willing to pay more if blah, blah, blah, it made me mad. This is not about willingness, it's about ability. What part of "can't afford it" do you not get?

These people you think have no willingness already can't make it month to month. It's nice for you that these rate increases are not a concern, but in the area your paper serves, you are in the minority.

The Triplicate itself is an example of making the necessary changes to survive in this depressed economy. It made its paper smaller. It decreased publication from five days to three days. It cut back on its expenses. If it hadn't, perhaps it would have had to close its doors.

Our city continues on its same path no matter the circumstances, like it's 1993. It continues to raise salaries and pay the city attorney an annual increase. It's paying its interim finance director $7,322 a month, plus a housing allowance of up to $2,000 per month. Champagne tastes and beer budget.

Something not being talked about outright is the total amount of the increase. The 60 percent increase is only the first of five increases. We're not protesting just the 60 percent increase; we're protesting the 150 percent total increase.

And let's not forget the elephant in the room, the inevitable sewer rate increase. These increases combined will push our monthly bill to $100, or higher, and over $100 if you live in the Bertsch track.

City officials were elected to do the hard work, not just pass off their incompetence to the rate payers. We were sold a bill of goods with that new sewer they just had to build, borrowed more money than the citizens could afford to pay back, then mismanaged it until they have a huge deficit and will need even more money.

Instead of raising rates we should be pleading with the best thinkers in our town to run for office and turn this place around. Otherwise, I'm positive the city will go bankrupt with the current leadership.

Ernie Cox, Crescent City

Samaritans appreciated,but car-honker annoying

On Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2013, I was driving home from shopping in town. When getting prepared to turn off of Highway 101 South onto Sand Mine Road, I noticed a couple of cars that had pulled over.

There was a young lady lying in the brush. This young lady was bleeding from the wrist; however, even though she was breathing, she was unresponsive to anyone.

I pulled over to see if they needed any help and was informed that they had called 911 and the emergency response team was on the way.

While we were awaiting the arrival for help for the young lady, someone in a vehicle yelled at all of us and went speeding around our cars - apparently, upset because they thought we were delaying wherever it was that they wanted to go in a hurry.

I was very upset that the person doing the yelling from their car was so uncaring. All I could think of was, what if it was someone they loved?

I wish to send out my best wishes to the "Good Samaritans" that stopped to help this young lady. To whoever was driving the car that was in such a hurry, all I have to say is "Shame on you!"

I also wish to thank 911 and the emergency response team for their speedy arrival and am hoping that the young lady is recovering. I haven't heard anything on the local news about the incident, so am praying that she is okay.

Jacquelyn Starks,Crescent City