Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Newspaper's prioritiesare astoundingly off-base

Again I'm astounded by the lack of good taste this newspaper has when reporting what's newsworthy, regarding the Oct. 8 front page.

First of all you've given top billing to some inmate who no doubt in my opinion deserves to be where he belongs ("The media and the SHU").

Second, you've got three photographs, two of which depict an inmate in a well-deserved custodial type environment.

And thirdly, you've given a CR professor a small portion of the front page, which appears to be a horrific attack by a shark, second billing to some felon who in my opinion deserves to be where he is despite his obvious "please feel sorry for me" look for the Triplicate's camera.

Thanks, Triplicate, for putting an inmate on the priority pedestal first, instead of a obvious law-abiding citizen whose tax dollars feed, cloth and house this (for the lack of a better word) person in our state penitentiary system.

Frank Villarreal,Cape Coral, Fla.

Reporting on sex chargesinsensitive to the children

The Triplicate printed an article Oct. 10, "CC man faces sex crimes charges," divulging details of the charges placed against a local man for child abuse.

Your published article is sickening and grossly inappropriate. Your newspaper obviously has no respect or regard for the privacy of the children affected. You add to their trauma by publicly laying out details that should be kept in a closed courtroom.

Your newspaper has little concern for the privacy of the children of our county. Do you consider the impact on the lives of the people you write about?

Often I see that your newspaper reads more like a gossip column than a document that should be providing citizens only with relevant news and information. There should be laws protecting children's privacy in cases such as this, but in the absence of such laws we are all responsible to rely on our ethics.

I hope that the creators of the Triplicate can begin to be more accountable to their own consciences; that they can move in a positive direction by helping rather than hurting the citizens, especially the children, of Del Norte County.

Erica Moore,Crescent City

Congress puts own goalsahead of nation's welfare

In the Oct. 10 political cartoon, the indication is that President Obama isresponsible for the shutdown of our "purple mountain majesties." In truth, our do-nothing Congress is directly responsible for the government shutdown and the petty bickering at the federal level in Washington.

These arrogant, pompous prigs, who theoretically represent you and me, the American people, have put their personal interests before the interests of the people who elected them.

It was the Republican Congress's stated goal in 2008 to assure that President Obama is a one-term president. Having failed in that effort, they continue to throw up barriers to any projects that the president puts forth. Apparently, their goal in Obama's second term is to make sure that the Obama legacy will be a blank page in history.

Instead, members of Congress will hopefully be remembered for the petty, inept obstructionists that they are, whose only goal was to prevent President Obama from accomplishing the tenets that caused him to be elected by a majority of the American people in 2008 and again in 2012.

Too bad we can't be more like Canada and fire them all when they don't follow the mandate of the people.

Craig Johnson, Gasquet