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Council should look at itspay, instead of water rate

Interesting Coastal Voices piece on Oct. 5 by Ron Gastineau, "Let's get real: Water system is in jeopardy," regarding a water rates increase.

Mr. Gastineau, if you and members of the City Council are so worried about a lack of money for your purposes, how come the City Council gave itself a pay increase?

Gracie Cooper, Crescent City

Editor's note: City Council members' last raise came in January 2009, when it increased from $434.15 per month to $610.92.

Lack of leadership is thereason for water rate hike

I read in the paper about how the city is whining about how much they need the money and need to raise the water rates. This is a familiar refrain.

Remember when they needed to improve the sewer? They had to do it because our sewer was so old and in disrepair that we were getting fined. So they built a new sewer treatment plant instead of improving the old one. They said we needed to pay more on our rates and we do, but now I'm being told that they need even more money for the sewer on top of more for the water.

What in the world happened that we need more money for the sewer? Could it be they mismanaged it so badly that they want us to pay for their mistakes? I think that's the answer.

Then I read about how we'll have dirty water if we don't raise the rates. Well, you don't get in such financialtrouble overnight. I understand there have been problems with the water structure for a very long time, because they haven't been maintaining it properly. Now we need lots of money to make improvements and pay on a loan that they borrowed to make improvements. This makes no sense to me.

Listen, people, these people who do such a bad job will always need more money. We gave them a lot more money on the sewer and they screwed that up. What's to say they won't be back for more money for the water?

Kathleen Russell,Crescent City

Please, Congress, obstructthe president some more

Regarding the Oct. 17 letter, "Congress puts own goals ahead of nation's welfare," if Craig Johnson is correct that Congress tries to prevent the president from achieving his goals, then I say, "God bless them and give them more wisdom, strength and courage."

President Obama has set out to "transform America" (his words, not mine!). Instead of making it a better country for its citizens he makes the people more and more dependent on the government for existence (handouts, but no jobs.His) actions have shown he has no interest in putting this country back on its feet - only to weaken the freedom of its people and turn us into a socialist country, totally beholding to the government.

Those who study what happens every day at the state and federal levels surely see the loss of freedom and the self-promotion and corruption that is pervasive in both parties. Those who do not pay attention but only parrot the party line will be the cause of our enslavement. (Not too harsh a word).

It will take a lot of courage and help from almighty God to keep this from happening.It will take brave men and women who are willing to defend freedom.Are you going to be one of those?

We need to wake up!Time is short to turn this around.If we can save this country we will look back at the "obstructionist Congress," who prevents Obama from getting his way, and say "Thank God for these brave people!"

Obama may denigrate people like the Tea Party patriots and try to weaken them, but history shows that good men and women will not be cowed in their quest to bring back sanity and the rule of law to this nation, still "under God."

Lilyan Wood,Crescent City