We are $17 trillion in debt.

It no longer matters how much of that debt was "inherited." This president has managed to raise it almost $7 trillion in 5 years!

Regarding his Oct. 17 letter to the editor ("Congress puts own goals ahead of nation's welfare"), I don't know how old Craig Johnson is, or where he went to school, but I was taught all about the U.S. Constitution, the whys and wherefores of the writers.

I was taught how the three branches of our government, legislative, executive, and judicial work, and it does not work when you elevate the executive one-third to some level just short of majesty. The legislative one-third has two sections, the House and the Senate.

The House, not the Senate and especially not the executive branch, is responsible for the "purse strings." It passes the bills, to pay the bills, and forwards them to the Senate, where they are supposed to be debated, amended if deemed necessary, and sent back to the House for further consideration, working with the Senate for the good of the country. Or if the Senate agrees, sent to the president for his signature or veto.

Harry Reed has "tabled" almost every bill recently sent to the Senate for discussion. Refusing to even let the Senate read them, much less discuss them. Bills were sent to fund everything necessary for the common good, before they were shut down by the president.

Just as with sequestering, he or his minions decided where to hurt the public the most. Whose idea was it to deny WWII vets access to their own monument? The National Mall is usually wide open 24/7. Whose idea was it to allow an alien amnesty rally, with its stage, speakers, and music on the same grounds that were denied to the vets?

Someone said, "First Amendment rights." Those vets, who were willing to die for your and the president's rights, don't have any?

In 2008 when the president was elected, a majority of Democrats were elected to both houses. The president had free reign for two years.He could have used it for good and kept his promise to cut spending, and balance the budget.Remember his dig at Bush about using a Chinese credit card?Instead, he used it to pay off his donors and cronies, Solindra and Fiskar are good examples, through the so called stimulus bill.

And to pass his health-care bill without reading it,without any Republican input, (you have to pass it to be able to read it, said Nancy Pelosi in the middle of the night).

Although the Republicans in the House tried to repeal the health-care bill, saying it wasn't ready and was costing too much, they also sent a bill asking for a delay of one year, same as the president has already given big business. Harry Reed tabled it.

They asked that Congress and the White House agree to enroll in Obamacare with no special considerations. Harry Reed tabled it.

Do you really feel that the rules written for you should not apply to those "arrogant, pompous, prigs" in Washington? On both sides of the aisle?

I will give Mr. Johnson this:There are arrogant, pompous, prigs in Washington, and sadly some have forgotten why they were sent there, but they have 'D's as well as "R"s after their names.

Virginia Walworth is a Crescent City resident.