Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Kudos for clearing brushfrom homeless camp

Good job to Crescent City for clearing the brush behind Safeway. The homeless can't play hide and seek when they steal alcohol from Safeway. They will have nowhere to hide.

But knowing them, they will find another place to roost.

Tony Jacomella,Crescent City

Homeless run off landwith nowhere to go

For years the community of Del Norte has not really realized how many homeless people there are in this community. I myself had become recently homeless within the last year due to being in an abusive relationship. My family basically gave up on me and my husband left for Nebraska and left me on the streets with nowhere to go.

Some very kind people took me in behind Safeway in the wilderness, gave me a place to stay, fed me, made sure I was warm with a blanket. I will be eternally grateful to these people, especially the man who started this camp. His name is Michael Myers, ironically. Now, after this man has been trying to help so many people, the government, or the state, says all the homeless people have to leave with nowhere to go.

These people are good human beings, just with no place to go. They help each other, they make sure you're being fed, they protect each other, now they are being thrown out, into other communities with nowhere to go. Where is the justice in this?

Behind Safeway is a piece of property that used to be a sawmill back in the day - my grandfather used to be a foreman at this mill. I was born in this community back in 12973. This was a semi-safe place for the homeless to reside and now they are being thrown out.

There is no shelter in this town for the homeless. They had a nice safe community to live in and now it's being taken away for no good reason, so can anyone out there relate? There are approximately 300-plus homeless people in this town. Now they are going to be spreading to other communities wherever they can - maybe behind your house?

There are a lot of good people out there, but some are not. Do you really want them behind your house or on your sidewalk, because that is what it is coming down to!

Stacie Wells,Crescent City

Cartoon unfairly portrays Tea Party

I am disappointed with the selection of the political cartoon in the Oct. 29 Triplicate. It shows, with caricature, three factions of the Republican Party: a well-dressed man labeled "Wall St.," a little old lady holding a Bible and an unkempt disheveled hairy brute labeled "Tea Party" shouting "I hate you" at the other two.

That is a very unfair misleading misrepresentation of the Tea Party. I realize there is some disagreement within the Republication Party, but to portray the Tea Party as unreasonable haters is wrong. We are not haters. The Tea Party, especially our local branch, would be more accurately represented by the little old lady holding the Bible.

I know the Triplicate often has a representative attend our local Tea Party meetings. So, I think you should know us well enough to know that such a caricature would be offensive and inaccurate.

I need to clarify that I have no authority to speak for the Tea Party nor anyone else. I just attend the public meetings and consider myself one of them.

Clif Shepard,Crescent City

Transgender student law violates privacy

Gov. Jerry Brown has passed a new law that will take effect Jan. 1, 2014. This new law is commonly known as "the transgender bathroom law." In my opinion this is a bad law. This law would permit K-12th grade school students to participate in sex-segregated school programs and activities, including athletic teams and competitions, and use facilities consistent with the student's gender identity.

So according to this law a boy can legally use the girl's restroom and locker room. Within the law there is no accountability for the student's gender identity. Can you see the obvious problems this law will cause?

It is my opinion that this law violates the rights and privacy of 99.9 percent of the students in California. I feel it is our duty to protect the innocent. This is not a political plea and has nothing to do with being a Democrat or Republican. This has everything to do with guarding and defending our children.

If you agree this is a bad law, and want to stop it, visitwww.privacy You'll need to print a petition, sign it and mail it out no later than Monday, Nov. 4.

As I have collected signatures from people in our community, the No. 1 response I get is, "Is this a joke?" No, sadly this is not a joke. This will become reality for our children starting Jan. 1 if we do not help to stop it.

Please help to stop this nonsense and defend our children.

Matthew Shrewsberry,Smith River