Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Citizens must signal disapproval of new law

When I first heard about the new California "transgender" law allowing mixed-sex use of school bathrooms, I viewed it as just another obscene joke from Los Angeles or San Francisco. Now I have learned that this institutionalized perversion will actually be implemented in Del Norte beginning Jan. 1.

I am not a native Californian, thank God, so perhaps I am not passive and indoctrinated enough to accept this in my adopted county without expressing my objections.

I would not think of advocating armed rebellion, of course, but I do hope at least a few parents will pull their children out of our failed public schools, and perhaps a mass refusal to pay the property taxes due next month would help to call attention to the urgent need to separate ourselves from Southern California and establish a new state of our own here.

John Cupp,Smith River

'Up our way' farther than many Californians think

We've discussed that Northern vs. Central California thing down here off and on. I've always related the story of (who knows how many) people I've bumped into from out of the area. When I tell them I'm from Eureka, the usual response is something along the line of, "That's up by San Francisco, isn't it?"

Was talking to a guy in San Diego 15 or so years ago. We ended up discussing a mutual acquaintance. He told me she was planning on "moving up your way." Rather excited at the thought, I asked where exactly she was planning on moving to. She was planning on moving San Luis Obispo.

He had no idea it was a minimum of an eight- to nine-hour drive to SLO from Humboldt.

Fred Mangels,Eureka

Sutter Coast Hospital notreally 'locally owned'

In response to the Nov. 2 Coastal Voices piece by Dr Anne Marie Duncan regarding the alleged "final push (by Sutter Health) to take ownership of Sutter Coast Hospital," I would like to offer a few comments in rebuttal. Anne Marie does not quote me, but does reference the Oct. 31 Coastal Voices piece that I authored.

It is misleading to claim that the Healthcare District injunction was not centered on ownership, as the case to enforce the terms of the original lease was an attempt by the Healthcare District to block a specific action by our local hospital board that was in the interest of Sutter Health, in effect taking away control from Sutter Health.

The campaign against Sutter constantly refers to the hospital as "locally owned," implying that Sutter Health is somehow wrongfully attempting to acquire this hospital. There can be no question that this dispute hinges on "ownership" and what that really means in this context.

Corporate ownership, as I understand it, is often very different from more typical ownership scenarios, such as a small business. It is technically true that Sutter Coast is a unique corporation not directly owned by Sutter Health, but it is also true that it is, by legal definition, a subsidiary of Sutter Health, which has the sole controlling interest in Sutter Coast.

In terms of liability, Sutter Coast is a stand-alone corporation, but in terms of control of the future of the hospital it is 100 percent the property of Sutter Health.

I stand by my earlier statements about this issue. Sutter Coast was financed by Sutter Health, and all the excess revenue of this hospital is available only to Sutter Health. The primary obligation of the Board of Sutter Coast, as stated in its bylaws, is to protect the interests of the sole "general member" of the corporation known as Sutter Coast. That "general member" is Sutter Health.

I myself was one of those in the community who secretly hoped that the Healthcare District had a good case to retain some legal interest in the hospital and its future configuration. I have accepted the fact that from now on it does not, and Sutter Health controls and therefore "owns" Sutter Coast.

I respectfully submit to my colleagues and to the community at large, that to continue to refer to Sutter Coast as "locally owned" is to willfully ignore the true business relationship between the hospital and Sutter Health.

Dr. Warren Rehwaldt,Crescent City

Student transgender lawturns our backs on God

Thank God we have Roger Gitlin as a county supervisor! At least one adult sits on one of those five chairs ("Gitlin resolution opposes AB 1266").

Where has the Board of Supervisors and the school district been? Was this to be enacted without a full vetting, not just looking at other school districts' actions?

This law clearly shows the stupidity and lack of morals shown by the liberals. While Supervisor Martha McClure appears in favor of this law to "protect" a minority, what about the majority? What trauma will you put all "straight" children through just to assuage the anxiety of a few students?

Is there a problem with the children with these feelings? Yes, but instead of traumatizing other children, take the one with the problem to a psychiatrist. As stated by Charles Carroll, signer of the Declaration of Independence, "Without morals a republic cannot subsist for any length of time: they therefore who are decrying the Christian religion, whose morality is so sublime and pure, (and) which denounces against the wicked eternal misery, and (which) insured to the good eternal happiness, are undermining the solid foundation of morals, the security for the duration of free governments."

The more we, as Americans, turn our back on the God and the morals of the Founding Fathers, as exemplified in their writings, the further down the decayed ladder of liberalism we will go. It is past time to stand up and sayno moregarbage laws from the liberals.

Marlowe Thompson,Crescent City

Jommen was wonderfulcommunity volunteer

I was saddened to hear of Fran Jommen's passing (Obituaries,

Nov. 5). Fran did a lot of wonderful things in our community as a volunteer. Fran was actually one

of the founding Board members of CASA of Del Norte back in

2001, as well as becoming an advocate for children in the Del Norte Courts.

She will be missed. She never could say no to any child in need.

Carolyn Westbrook,Smith River

Please take a moment Mon. to remember vets

Ninety-four years ago, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Nov. 11 Armistice Day to remember the end of WWI and the veterans who served our country. While the holiday is now recognized as Veterans Day, the day's purpose remains the same: to celebrate and commemorate the bravery and sacrifice of all U.S. veterans - both past and present.

So while you and your family enjoy a day off, do not forget the real reason you are able to relax. Please take a moment to stop and thank a veteran for his or her willingness to serve and sacrifice for the freedoms we all enjoy, or contact your local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post for ways to make a difference in veterans' lives on Veterans Day and throughout the year.

Ed Ford, state commander,Veterans of Foreign Wars