Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Play about community evocative, worth seeing

I urge you not to miss Lighthouse Repertory Theatre's "This is Crescent City." We went last night and today I am still feeling the emotions evoked by this incredible musical.

It tells the story of us, of our town, our neighbors. What makes us not just the last town on the continent, or the first, but what builds us as community ... the human side of us.

I knew these stories intellectually, but it took seeing these performances to truly bring these lives into my heart. There weren't many dry eyes last night. I never cry, ever, and I was sobbing last night. I am still feeling the effects today.

I want to stand on the S curves with signs urging everyone not to miss this home-grown story of our home.

Catherine O. Despres,Cresent City

Don't let S curve veteran monument dream die

It must be over five years now since the city, through Police Chief Douglas Plack, approached the VFW about erecting a veterans monument at the "S" curve. There were committees formed and untold meetings - does it sound familiar so far? - with questionable progress.

I'm going to pat myself on the back here as I was the one who first gave $2,500 to kick-start the project. My intent was to get things started instead of just talking and planning.

Now all these years later and with Veterans Day here once again, I just wanted to shine the spotlight on this very appropriate and worthy project to get it done.

A related incident probably has bearing on this. A lady who worked at the Triplicate said a customer told her once that "Crescent City was the place where dreams came to die." Well, my dream of a monument at the "S" curve seems to have met the same fate.

Please prove me wrong.

Jim Snow,Crescent City

Don't let anyone deny the horrors of Nazis

Nazi: The new four letter word. Why is it, when a person can't think of a rebuttal, they call you a Nazi?

Just what is a Nazi? First the name was coined by people outside of Germany, referring to the National Socialist Workers Party.

What is a socialist? Checking "Google," it is a person or persons who believe in a large central government that controls all production and distribution. And the opposite of socialism is capitalism.

The National Socialist Workers Party was started in the beer halls of Germany in the late 1920s, by, you guessed it, Adolph Hitler and friends.Hitler was a prolific speaker, he came to power promising to heal the wounds and bad economy caused by World War I. After he took office, he started casting blame and dividing the people.

Blaming previous administrations, blaming the poor economy on the "rich Jews" and other "non-Arians," gypsies, etc. Being Mexican, I too would have been sent to the camps. Over 20 million people were exterminated, 6 million of them Jews.

One of Hitler's first acts was gun control. No one was allowed to own a gun, except the government.

He took over the media - they only reported what he wanted to hear.

He banned smoking. Someone said he was a vegetarian and a "health nut." Unconfirmed.

He promised jobs, food, and medicine. By the time he started his final solution, extermination of the less than perfect, it was too late. Some tried to stop him - they were caught and executed. Most were either complacent or afraid.

One final comment for any deniers. My father was a pilot in WWII. He flew gliders ferrying troops and supplies to the front lines in a "plywood coffin." Landing and walking out. He also flew C47s, the workhorse of WWII.

When the fighting ceased he was assigned to evacuate the death camps. He didn't talk much about the war. The one thing he told anyone who would listen: "Don't let anyone tell you that the Holocaust didn't happen. You could smell the death at 3,000 feet!"

A lot of brave men, and women have fought and died to protect us from mad men like Hitler. God bless our vets.

Do you really want to call anyone a Nazi?

Virginia Gonzales Walworth,Crescent City

Plea deal a travesty in animal cruelty case

As a board member of the Humane Society of Del Norte, this past Thursday, I attended the sentencing hearing of Zachary Hinton to show support for "London," the puppy they attacked, shattering his front legs and necessitating their amputation.

I was joined by approximately 40 other persons who came to court to request the rejection of this plea bargain for Hinton.

Prior to the hearing, I listened to another case, in which a drunk defendant broke into a house, late at night, and assaulted another man. I understand the victim in that case sustained no injuries that required medical attention. The defendant received three years in a state prison.

How does this compute? The defendants that beat and injured an innocent and defenseless puppy, so bad that his front legs had to be amputated, receive a slap on the hand in the plea deal and are allowed to plead "no contest" to this vicious attack. Under the plea deal, Anderson received a misdemeanor with no jail time at all, and Hinton will maybe get 90 days in jail and community service!

Something is horribly wrong here! You would think that if any case should demand a stiff sentence and at lease a trial, it is London's.

London's owner, Ms. Gehring, drove seven hours in the rain, from Beaverton, Ore., and asked to be recognized by the judge. She came to ask for justice for London, and speak out against these plea bargains.

As Ms. Gehring rose to speak, the prosecuting deputy district attorney, Annamarie Padilla, who allegedly represents "the people" of Del Norte County, announced that she has a legal code section that states that neither citizens or the public (i.e. "the people") have any right to be heard at a sentencing hearing.

Whose side is she on anyway? You'd expect that coming from the defense attorney, not the prosecutors who are paid to be on the public's side, Ms. Gehring's and London's side - the victim in this case.

If our District Attorney's Office cannot, or is not willing, to

protect the most innocent and defenseless in our community, and

actually take cases to trial, and fight for the victims, why do we pay them?

Sandy Balbini,Crescent City

Water rate corruption warrants investigation

I believe it is time that the local newspaper steps in to help with the water rate issue. The paper needs to use the freedom of the press and put investigative reporting to use and help solve all this corruption in our city departments.

The fire chief puts his 2 cents' worth in to try to scare people about fire insurance. They get paid enough to pay for any increases. There is not a word of them trying to help by cutting costs.

Retired people are having a rough time, paying all of these extra costs.

I retired in 1992 and my retirement pay has not increased 1 cent.

Richard Blake,Crescent City