Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Would like to have seen more Hmong coverage

Monday was a nice day for a parade; sunny, warm. The Veterans Day Parade was not so large this year, yet as a Vietnam combat veteran it is always nice that we have it.

The Tuesday paper left me confused. The largest group, and for sure the most colorful, and even one of the grand marshals, rated no photo and little press.

I took many very nice photos of beautifully dressed Hmong people. I shared combat stories will them, as I was on the Laos border during my time in Vietnam.

Here are real combat veterans working for our country, here is a group of people who have found a new place to live.

If the Hmong had not been in the parade, much of its size and color would have been lost. I send photos of them to my veteran buddies throughout the United States, to friends in England; all have replied on the beauty and the fact that these people are so much a part of this community.

Am I so wrong? Disappointed.

Chris King,Crescent City

Who were committee members representing?

Supervisor Roger Gitlin's Nov. 12 letter ("McClure not appointed to serve on hospital study committee) clarifies that Supervisor Martha McClure's position on the Camden Group Steering Committee was not as a representative ofour Board of Supervisors.

I think (nobody told me this) that our Board of Supervisors chose not to appoint a representative to the Camden Study because it recognized it for what it was: A public relations scam by Sutter Health Corporation. A wise decision, in my opinion.

I wonder, are there other people on this committee whose representation status has been misrepresented, misunderstood, mistaken or just plain wrong?

And if so, would the Triplicate print corrections? Or should we ask each member to clarify who they represented?

Clif Shephard,Crescent City

Editor's note: A Nov. 9 article noted some steering committee members participated as individuals and not on behalf of organizations they are affiliated with.

School bond vote might have turned out differently

Just a comment about the water rate increase. In my opinion it is a good system how the "yes" and "no" votes were counted. It is done correctly and honestly.

I am wondering if the same vote-counting system was used for the $25 million school bond? I just wonder!

Axel Antes, Crescent City

Editor's note: The 2008 school bond measure was on the general election ballot, while the water rate protest vote involved letters filed on behalf of parcels within the city water system.