Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Hospital volunteers make a difference

I am writing in response to Dale Watson's Nov. 23 letter ("Report overlooks Sutter's high administrative costs"). I feel the need to correct some wrong information that is being fed to the community. I will only address that which I know to be incorrect.

I am one of those "volunteers in green" that Mr. Watson referred to. I work at the gift shop at the hospital and am a proud member of the Sutter Coast Hospital Auxiliary. We are a group of dedicated volunteers whose main goal is to raise money for scholarships relating to the medical field and one-time donations for much-needed medical items for our patients.

We do this by maintaining the gift shop and putting on various fundraisers throughout the year. I can assure you that 100 percent of the money raised by our endeavors is used for the items mentioned above. We have a membership of 30-plus volunteers and a Board of Directors made up exclusively of our members, voted into office each year by our members. This board controls our money, not SCH, as stated by Mr. Watson.

I encourage all of you to stop by our gift shop to see our unique and affordable gift items; and maybe talk to one of our "volunteers in green" about becoming part of a special group of ladies and gentlemen who are making a difference in our community.

Cathy Burdg,Smith River

Some people were childish about parade

There are things happening in the downtown I think the people of Crescent City should know about. The Business Improvement District Board is being very childish. If the downtown businesses don't play by its rules, we can't play with its toys.

Grow up. The Christmas parade and lighting of the tree was not about BID or the downtown businesses. It was about the children and the citizens of Crescent City.

Because some of the downtown businesses didn't pay their assessments that were voluntary, the parade initially got canceled. Some downtown people decided not to let that happen because of the children and because of that, you won't let them use the tree that they paid for with past assessments, or the Santa House. This is unbelievable!

Then there is Ron Gastineau. You, sir, are a City Council member and are suppose to be for the people, but when asked to use your sound system for the good of the parade, you said no. You, sir, are not a BID member or on the BID board. You don't even own a business. So are you for the people or for BID? Because if you're not for the people, then you need to step down from the City Council.

These are only my thoughts, but I felt the people of Crescent City should know.

So, BID Board members and Ron Gastineau, you need to grow up and stop taking things so personally.

Dee Word,Crescent City

When did life become so unprecious to us?

How did one woman (Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger) ever convince a whole nation that it is somehow noble to kill our own flesh and blood?

This is Ms. Sanger, who started the first Planned Parenthood. Seems to me she was very deceitful. She should have name it "Planned Genocide." Parenthood has nothing to do with it.

I see where our country is revisiting the abortion issue. I think it's great because after 40 years, we're finally taking pause and looking at what we've done.

Since 1973, we've killed 50 million babies! Who needs Hitler to wipe out a whole people when a whole nation can be convinced to wipe ourselves out?

When did life become so unprecious to us? There's always adoption or family to help; don't ever feel abortion is the only answer.

Take a few minutes and look up Margaret Sanger on the Internet. Now, this was a horrible woman and there are some people who want to celebrate her.

"Silent no more!" I really like that saying.

Muriel Kaye,Crescent City

Sutter practices violate care considerations

Those licensed to provide health care are required to include certain patient care considerations. Some are moral or ethical, some are legal.

Two components are: a comprehensive informed consent and the directive "Do no harm."

A comprehensive informed consent requires that patients/clients are provided with factual, scientific information on the advantages and disadvantages; risks and benefits of given advice, including tests, prescriptions or procedures, as well as what may happen if one chooses not to follow the advice.

"Do no harm" is self explanatory.

It has become abundantly clear that Sutter Health does not believe in, or practice these essential health care components as related to Sutter Coast Hospital and its service population.

While it claim to provide honesty, integrity, openness and truthfulness in everything it does, its practices fly in the face of its rhetoric.

Sutter Health's "study" on strategic options for the hospital's future included a committee appointed by it; individuals it selected for interviews; a company chosen and paid by it; and, data it provided for review.

The individuals selected were mainly representative of its corporation, or corporate culture. Much of the data provided was incomplete, inaccurate or misleading. It hasbeen unwilling to participate in public forums; maintained secrecy of participants and process; and rejected open client/community participation.

Sutter Health and its Board of Directors published its willingness to receive comments (on the "study") until noon on Monday, Nov. 11 (ironically, Veterans' Day). This was published in the Nov. 9 newspaper, and only the study was only accessible to those with computers.

While the comment period was ultimately extended, it is abundantly clear Sutter Health does not want consumer involvement, does not intend to provide informed consent, and exhibits no interest in the potential harm to those they are charged and paid to serve.

Catherine Wiley,Brookings, Ore.

Sobering lesson aboutsubstance abuse's harm

I would like to speak out about substance abuse. This letter is not for those of you who use whatever it is you use, and you, your loved ones or society suffer no loss because of your good time. This is for us others, whom by our substance abuse caused monetary damage, criminal activity, family disintegration, physical, emotional and spiritual harm, death in some cases or just an overall drain on society.

If I can save even just one person and their loved ones the short- and long-term pain and suffering I have caused mine, please, fellow addict, before you have reached a point of no return with your loved ones and the legal system, please have a change of heart. I guarantee you that the warmth and love of this treatment sure looks better than where I am right now, with no loved ones and possibly 25 years to life in prison.

Brian Rolen,Del Norte County Jail