Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Hospital study's talks with other companies unknown

In response to your Nov. 14 article, "Hospital Board eyes its options," regarding the future of our local hospital, Board Chairman Ken Hall was quoted as saying the hospital Board would make a decision on Critical Access in the near future. Mr. Hall also discussed the option of having a company other than Sutter Health manage our hospital.

Mr. Hall, referring to Asante and the other potential partners, was quoted as saying, "I don't think there's any real interest there." That statement is different from what Asante Health System has publicly stated.

Asante operated Three Rivers Hospital in Grants Pass, Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford and Ashland Community Hospital.

The president of Asante Health System provided the following quote to the Del Norte Triplicate (Sutter Health is centralizing," Oct. 13, 2012):

"As a regional provider of comprehensive health care services for 580,000 residents spanning nine counties in Southern Oregon and Northern California, Asante has enjoyed a great relationship with Sutter Coast Hospital for the provision of high quality care. We would welcome discussing any arrangements with Sutter that would ensure that the residents of Del Norte County continue to receive the excellent medical care they deserve."

The Camden Group consultant also contacted Asante and three other hospital systems to discuss their interest in our region.

For the benefit of those of us who were not invited by Sutter to be on the steering committee, I would like to make a formal request to Sutter Health and the Camden Group to release their notes from the discussions with the other health care systems. Then the public will be able to decide for ourselves the interest level of companies other than Sutter Health.

Marion Ribeiro,Crescent City

Emotional reactions to ACA glitches unreasonable

The Affordable Care Act rollout contains no more glitches than any other new massive software which the public has to learn use.

Most people seem to think that their emotions are reasonable and pay close attention to uncontrolled emotions.

Emotional people seem to think any glitch is unacceptable. Unfortunately, people are glitches and therefore we are all unacceptable.

Instead of thinking with emotions, people should consider the facts. Any new program rollout had glitches, do the research. Has anyone ever purchased a car with glitches, how about a TV, and what about the small appliances we return because the appliance does not work?

What about packages received and the items are damaged? Anyone ever not receive a package because it was lost? Ad infinitum.

Has anyone ever made a mistake and did his or her best to correct it?

Witch burning is acceptable to emotional people. If a person was unacceptable to someone else, the person was accused of being a witch and burned alive at the stake.

Instead of condemning ACA for human glitches behind the rollout, control the emotions and give support which aids in glitch removal, instead of emotional reactions, which burn alive innocence.

Miriam Felt,Crescent City