Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Sanger advocated choice prior to conception

I am writing in response to the letter by Muriel Kaye published on Saturday, Nov. 30 ("When did life become so unprecious to us?").

Margaret Sanger was one of 10 children who in her own family experienced poverty and too many mouths to feed. As a young woman, she worked as a midwife/nurse in the slums of New York. She witnessed women dying from

having too many children or those who died from infection from abortion.

She was a crusader for population control and contraceptives, believing women should have the knowledge to choose whether or not to prevent a pregnancy and to determine the size of their families.

Margaret Sanger was considered a rebel in her day and throughout her life continued to educate women. She is honored as the founder of the birth control movement.

"Family Planning," a woman's choicepriorto conception - that is what I believe Margaret was trying to get people to understand.

Karen Shingleman,Crescent City

Kudos to local law enforcement members

I've lived on the corner of Eighth and J streets in Crescent City for 61 years. Wow.

I've been involved with numerous infractions of the penal code since early childhood. That's how I've gotten to know so many law enforcement personnel on a personal level, of which I'd like to mention my favorites: Chief Danny Nations, CHP's Officer Burk and especially CHP Officer Felio, many more of which I only know by their face as outstanding peace officers who nurtured me with understanding, guidance, service and protection.

With that I would like to share my current knowledge of our existing police force: None finer! Best service to our community of any on the West Coast, my true belief.

Thanks, Chief, for such an outstanding performance with our officers and your staff.

You rock, dude.

Steven Anderson,Crescent City

Warrior football players should hold heads high

To the Del Norte Warrior football team: You did good.

Adversity introduces a man to himself. The way you stood in there toe-to-toe from the first play of the game to the last play of the game andnever game up.

All of you young men hold your heads high. You are champions.

Randy Shull,

Crescent City

Stained glass article awonderful tribute

I want to thank The Triplicate's Laura Wiens for the Nov. 28 article, "'Miracle in stained glass.'"

What a wonderful tribute to generosity, talent and faith.

Jack L. Owen,Crescent City