Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Hiker thanks all involved in rescue

Regarding the Dec. 10 article, "Helicopter Operation: Slowed by snow, hiker is flown out" by Anthony Skeens), I am so overwhelmed by the support and love my family and I were shown during this traumatic incident.

It is so humbling to know the effort that was put forth on my behalf. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I'd especially like to thank the Crescent City Search and Rescue unit for its quick action and selfless efforts. The SAR unit is a integral part of our community. I for one, seeing their efforts first-hand, will be making a donation to its organization.

SAR rests upon the shoulders of men and women who are willing to use their own time, money and resources to rescue another life, of someone they might not even know.

If you contributed to my aid in any way, and I haven't thanked you yet, thank you. I feel I owe this community so much, and can't say how incredibly grateful I am. All the prayers, thoughts and actions done on my behalf are valued greatly.

I'd like to thank the Redding office of the California Highway Patrol for doing the fly-over, and giving me a helicopter ride out.

I'd go on and on thanking all those involved, but the names and organizations of those who helped continue to be unveiled to me. So if I haven't thanked you already, please know how appreciative I am.

As a community it becomes clear to me that: "Alone we are weak, but together we are strong."

From a mother who hugged and punched me upon my return, and a father who lectured on with love, thank you Crescent City.

Erik Tedsen,Crescent City

Better causes than dogs to raise funds for

Paying $300,000 for a dog park? First of all I would like to say that my family and I have a dog, and he is an important part of our family. But the idea of a dog park seems a little ridiculous to me.

And anyone that is willing to fundraise, or donate, may have their priorities of beneficial public places and resources a little out of whack.

I have two children that currently attend Bess Maxwell Elementary School, and we all know about the recent talks of school closures and budget issues. In fact, the "human park," aka playground for the children to play during recess, has been roped off and closed for most of the school year.

Where are the motivated citizens to get the children a place to play?

I love my dog Chico, but I also know that he is just a dog, and I think that a child would appreciate fundraising of motivated citizens of our great community more than a dog who wouldn't know the difference if it was in the backyard or on one of the beautiful beaches in Del Norte County.

We all need to get back in touch with reality and realize that we are all lucky to be alive and in this great country. In many other places in the world people are dying from starvation and living in poverty, and here we are fundraising for a dog park?

Timmy Kramer,Crescent City