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Bottom line on hospital is rising cost of health care

The Dec. 7 Triplicate presented more information than I've heard from the Sutter Coast Board of Directors in more than two years ("Hospital Board makes its move").

God knows I've sent many letters and an email or two to the Hospital Board over that time (all unanswered but hopefully received!). My most recent email to the board was a New York Times newspaper article sent a day or two before its vote to convert to a Critical Access Hospital ("CAH"). The article was titled, "As Hospital Prices Soar, a Stitch Tops $500"; it's on line

In the Dec. 7 Triplicate article, the Sutter Coast Hospital Board chairman referred to "the spark that ignited the community." The real spark was the secret original vote to "regionalize" in 2011 that started the community thinking SCH was trying to hide something.

Until now, it has been the Board's continued secrecy and unwillingness to engage the public that have kept suspicions alive. Remember, back in 2011 and 2012, hospital officials repeatedly denied any consideration of converting to a CAH and promised, but never delivered, public community meetings to explain the benefits of regionalization.

I also read that because Clarke Moore wanted to know if Sutter was guilty of profiteering, he agreed to be on the Steering Committee as an individual,notas a Board member of the Healthcare District.

I didn't hear his radio spot, but reading it in the paper, it sounded like he's convinced SCH is making necessary business choices to be financially viable even though it doesn't say what convinced him. But I don't think he could because it's my understanding that steering committee members had to sign a non-disclosure agreement with Sutter Health that did not allow members to talk publicly about any specifics discussed during their much-appreciated service to our community.

So now, after reading all this hospital news, the NY Times article seems even more important to me. It's about rising health-care costs across America and mentions our own "Mother Sutter" corporation and reports actions of her flagship hospital in San Francisco, the California Pacific Medical Center ("CPMC"). The CPMC is a member of the Sutter West Bay Region and that is the same region Sutter Coast will join when the hospital does regionalize.

Roxie Hazard, Smith River

Pleased by harbor contractand attention to highway

I was glad to see that Hemmingsen Construction got the bid for the Harbor promenade ("Harbor OKs contract for promenade," Dec. 21).

So many times, out-of-town businesses get the bid, not knowing what our weather is like, and other conditions in Del Norte, and they run way over what they bid. Good luck, Hemmingsen Construction.

It is also nice to know that someone is looking at Last Chance, besides locals ("Close look at Last Chance," Dec. 21).

Ellen Dalbec, Crescent City